Voter Appreciates What This Candidate Isn’t Saying

I came across this news with surprise, as I knew Emory Dively and his deaf sister Val, 25 years ago when I lived in Batavia, NY and Emory worked as a Chaplin at NTID. Dively is now running for political office in the Twin Cities. I no longer have contact with Emory, so I cannot vouch for his political or personal ambitions or beliefs. I certainly would not vote for a candidate merely because he is deaf. I would hope no one does so! I’d want to know his goals, beliefs…. his stance on a wide range of issues. His website, unfortunately, does not provide much insight into Dively’s beliefs, although Dively’s long-time profession as a Reverend in the Pentecostal Assemblies of God church would appear to indicate he is staunchly conservative, which is in direct opposition to my progressive beliefs. The editorial opinion below tongue-in-cheekily urges support for Dively because, unlike his opponents in the district he is running in, due to his inability to speak, he’s not been able to go on television and engage in the traditional political pastime of mud-slinging. -Ken @ bibliomarket

Wed, Nov. 01, 2006

Emory Dively, who is running for a House seat in 64B against a careerist in Highland Park named Michael Paymar, received a nice splash of coverage in the Pioneer Press on Tuesday. Dively is a Republican, which made it all the more surprising that he received any splash at all in a Twin Cities newspaper.

Emory Dively
What’s more, Dively is deaf, a deaf Republican, which is how I would imagine the intelligentsia prefers their Republicans. Dively’s lack of hearing became comically obvious to me at the State Fair, when Dively stopped by the old radio booth for a chat, and Al, one of the engineers, sprang into action and fitted a bemused Dively with the headphones.

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BoT Heard Your Vote! Now: Vote Absentee in National Election

This week we learned how powerful our individual vote can be. Each and every one of you VOTED with your hands and actions for better leadership, more diversity, and an end to the oppression of the Gallaudet Administration. While we have much more work to do to dismantle the Management by Intimidation and Apparatus of Oppression at Gallaudet, there is another, more immediate and equally important task we have before us, that must be done RIGHT AWAY. Your vote in our national election is needed to dismantle the Management by Intimidation and Apparatus of Oppression that have marked the Administration of George Bush and his ‘followers.’ 33 senators, 36 governors, and 435 members of the House of Representatives are the stakes – we are the stakeholders!

You say you are registered to vote in a state in which you are not presently in? That is okay! You can vote by absentee ballot! All states now make their absentee ballot applications available online, and you can download, print, fill out and then mail this application to your Secretary of State office back home, and they will immediately send you a abentee ballot. By law, absentee ballots may be counted up to TEN days after an election, as long as the ballot is mailed by midnight of election day. Get your Absentee Ballot application TODAY! Do not delay! Your vote is needed once again to destroy the shackles of oppression. I’ve compiled a list of each state’s online election offices, from which you will see a link to a downloadable absentee ballot application. DO IT NOW, TODAY!

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