Washington Times article from May 6, 1900 about Gallaudet University [pdf]


Washington Times article from May 6, 1900 about Gallaudet University [pdf]


1905 Gallaudet Football Front Page Washington Times

Despite a loss to Georgetown that weekend, the Washington Times placed a large photograph of Gallaudet’s Football team at the top of the Sunday edition, Oct. 1st, 1905. The archive photo was very dark and faces were almost lost in shadows, so I have lightened it up and made it a little easier to view.

1905 Gallaudet Football team on front page of Washington Times sunday edition

Delta Zeta Sorority Evicted from University

“DePauw University severed ties yesterday with a national sorority that evicted two-thirds of the university’s chapter members last year in what the sorority called an effort to improve its image for recruitment, but which the evicted women described as a purge of the unattractive or the uncool.”

This news comes down from Delta Zeta’s Sorority at DePauw University, where over 2/3 of its members were evicted from the Sorority house, and designated as alumnae rather than active members in an misguided effort to change the Sorority’s image from brainy, intellectual and diverse women to women concerned more with image, dress and appearances.

Deta Zeta has a long history with Gallaudet, so these discriminatory events at DePauw are of interest to the Gallaudet Community. The National Delta Zeta Sorority’s history with Galladuet dates back to 1954, over 30 years before the Omicron Sigma Chapter of Deta Zeta was established here.

Evicted Delta Zeta Women

Women at DePauw University in Indiana who were either asked to leave the Delta Zeta house or resigned in protest hold a sorority photo.

Delta Zeta began its partnership with Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. in 1957 with a donation of $10,000 to the library for books and furnishings. Delta Zeta then endowed the Delta Zeta Scholarship Fund and the Fine Arts Endowment Fund at Gallaudet. Donations to the Delta Zeta Foundation that are designated for Gallaudet University are used to fund Gallaudet Scholarships or other funding needs for the University, including endowment support for the library and performing arts. Gallaudet University manages the funds donated, selects the scholarship recipients from the University and administers the disbursement of scholarship funds. In 1995, the Delta Zeta Dance Studio was dedicated, funded by a directed bequest of former Delta Zeta Foundation Trustee Ruth Gump Thomas EB ’56, whose gift of over $100,000 provided for a complete renovation and addition of another performing area for the Gallaudet Dance Company.

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