1905 Gallaudet Football Front Page Washington Times

Despite a loss to Georgetown that weekend, the Washington Times placed a large photograph of Gallaudet’s Football team at the top of the Sunday edition, Oct. 1st, 1905. The archive photo was very dark and faces were almost lost in shadows, so I have lightened it up and made it a little easier to view.

1905 Gallaudet Football team on front page of Washington Times sunday edition

1926 Photos NAD Gathering

Exploring the archives at the Library of Congress, I came across these two photos of ladies attending the August 1926 NAD gathering in Washington DC. You can see vintage dress and hair styles, and in the background, old cars from the 1920s, and the US Capitol. You’ll also see a sign for the Occidental Restaurant on Pennsylvania Avenue, which opened in 1906. I’d love to know if anyone can identify the ladies in these photos. The Library of Congress archives did not have any details beyond what I have included at the end of this post. [Click photos to see full size.]
1926 Nad Ladies 1  1926 nad ladies 2

picture details 2

picture details