When Students Revolt / Nightline Transcript

Transcript of Nightline on Protest

American Broadcast Company (ABC)
ABC News
(National news program)
Monday, October 30, 2006
When Students Revolt

CYNTHIA MCFADDEN (anchor): We’re going to take a journey inside one of the most closed and insular communities in the country tonight, inside the world of the deaf. This weekend, the trustees of Gallaudet University, the country’s most prestigious school for the deaf, revoked the appointment of the school’s new president. Why did she lose her job? She says she wasn’t deaf *enough* to suit the students. Here’s Nightline’s John Donvan. Continue reading “When Students Revolt / Nightline Transcript”

IKJ / JKF Used Battle Tactics Learned From Bush?

Today’s political cartoon [shown below] by Toles brought to mind the nefarious battle of words which I. K. Jordan and Jane Fernandes engaged in against the protesters and their supporters. I can’t hep but wonder if the Jordan administration’s war manual was lifted off a Republican campaign strategist’s desktop!

Tom Toles, Nov 1, 2006 cartoon