And You Thought You Got Lots of Snow? Think Again!

After the Mid-Atlantic’s ‘Big Dig’ week following back-to-back record-breaking snowstorms, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve seen the worse that Winter could throw at you. Here’s some pictures to prove otherwise.


Snowed under in the most epic way (somewhere in Switzerland):

(original unknown)

Huge vintage snow fall (would like to get some info):

Norilsk, Russia, The World Capital of Snow

Vicious winter blizzards in Norislk, Siberia, bring an inordinate – even obscene – amount of snow…
(images via 1, 2)

(images via)

There is a car here, somewhere –

(images via)

Norilsk climate is impressive not only in winter – here is a brooding storm over the city, spring 2009:

(image credit: Alexander Grishin)

Norilsk citizen’s pasttime (and a popular extreme sport) – they call it “Buildering”:

Snow being cleared from the Trans-Labrador Highway in northeastern Canada:

Similar “snow walled-in” road situation, this time in Japan:

(images credit: SnowJapan)

SnowMageddon… or SnowPocalypse? These pictures are from Italy:

(images via)

To dig (this car out), or not to dig?

Most of the time the answer is: yes, you’ll have to dig…

“Buses are encrusted in ice and snow in the Omaha, Nebraska suburb of Elkhorn, where a fire was being put out” –

(photo by AP Photo/Nati Harnik – via)

Archeological strata – cultural remains and natural sediments, buried over time…

Digging out a BMW E-series car in Canada:

(original unknown)

The climate inside sometimes is not much better:

Some drivers fight back and make in their garage something entirely different:

(images via)

Bizarre and Terror-inducing Icicles

Here is an impressive ice formation – Hard Rime Ice, most often seen atop mountains in winter –

(image via)

(image via)

Might as well head out and frolic in the snow:

(image via)

(image via)

But if you want to catch a ski lift, you might be out of luck:

(somewhere in Europe, image via)


2 thoughts on “And You Thought You Got Lots of Snow? Think Again!

  1. thanks, clyde, i forgot to add that info to the posting. [it was found by one of the commenters on darkroastedblend, where i got this]- the picture clyde is referring to is the second one, with the buried telephone poles.


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