LaToya Plummer: Drastic Actions Will be Taken

In today’s Washington Post, student leader Latoya Plummer states that if reprisals are not lifted, “drastic actions will be taken.” I am hoping that these actions will include Boycotting Gallaudet in the Spring, with a large number of students refusing to return to Gallaudet and thereby hurting the University financially, at a time when Galladuet is already under scrutiny by Congress. Drastic, to be sure, but necessary, in order to get the attention where it needs to be: on the failure of the Board to ensure a fair search process last Spring. As i have stated in my recent postings, The Board has ultimate ownership of the failure and the ripple effect it caused in prompting students to protest.

Repeating what I said in yesterday’s posting, “In order to effect the desired and meaningful change from the top-down, Gallaudet’s primary customers, it’s STUDENTS, must react from the bottom-up…… Do you have the strength, the bravery, and the intelligence to hold the Board accountable for their ultimate ownership of the failed search process? If you do, then the answer is to NOT return to Gallaudet in January. Now is the time to show the Board and the World that you will be heard, and that you stand arm-in-arm in solidarity with your brothers and sisters.”

Yesterday, some people misunderstood this to mean only the arrested 133 from Black Friday should refuse to return in January. That is not what i meant at all. I mean ALL supporters of the protest, not only the arrested, not only the ones against whom reprisals are being taken. I mean for ALL of Gallaudet’s students who protested against the flawed search process, and against the very idea of an ineffective and draconian leader taking the helm of Gallaudet. All protesters who fought FOR Gallaudet, I encourage you to once again fight FOR Gallaudet by refusing to enroll again until reprisals are lifted. Solidarity requires sacrifice, and sacrifice is necessary to build a true Unity for Gallaudet. / Ken @ Bibliomarket

Washington Post
Saturday, December 16, 2006
By Susan Kinzie


Protesters Likely to Face Campus Hearings

Protesters who were arrested at Gallaudet University will face consequences, according to the board of trustees — and some student leaders reacted angrily to that yesterday.

For months, protesters demanded a new search for the president of the school for the deaf, with demonstrations that disrupted and, for several days, shut down, the university in Northeast Washington. More than 130 people were arrested after demonstrators blocked entrances to campus. In late October, the trustees voted to terminate the appointment of incoming president Jane K. Fernandes, and this week, deaf leader Robert Davila was named interim president.

But this week, the board also announced that the administration would enforce the student code of conduct for those who were arrested; they are expected to face campus judicial hearings.

It is unfair to punish only the students who were arrested, said student leader LaToya Plummer, when thousands of people contributed to peaceful demonstrations for positive change at the school. “In order to heal, we must have the reprisals removed. If they aren’t, drastic actions will be taken.”

Pamela Holmes, the board chairwoman, said, “I believe the dean of students will make every effort to allow students who came forward and have taken responsibility to quickly address their cases, allowing the students to put this behind them.”

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11 thoughts on “LaToya Plummer: Drastic Actions Will be Taken

  1. Agree with LaToya Plummer.. I will be with you all the way 100%if it is necessary to go for boycotting… not to return to classes in Janurary 2007.
    I hope Dr Davilia is aware of that .. he is a good man but he needs to get that no reprisals out. And listen to the protesters. Have their jobs to be returned. DPN 1988 there is not problem no punishments.. why all that punishments from IKJ. Tell IKJ to get lost.


  2. Yes! What a big mess the Board of Trustees has caused!

    They ADMITTED they were wrong when they terminated Fernandes. Therefore, there should be no reprisals at all against the protesters–There should only be reprisals AGAINST MEMBERS OF THE BOARD!


  3. What a big mess the Board of Trustees have caused? It seems they do not know what they are doing. Obviously they do not care about the protesters. I hope they, GUAA, and GUFSSA will do something about BOT, ADM, PPD, & DPS.


  4. For those majoring in education, go to McDaniel College(formerly Western Maryland College). In technology/science fields, go to NTID/RIT. These colleges will make you a great career. Enjoy a long Spring break if the paperworks require a time for the college transfer.


  5. Those are rather naive statements that students can transfer to CSUN or almost any college for the Spring semester. To transfer you need to meet the entrance requirements of the college you are transferring to and the process normally takes months. Those who receive VR support need to convince their counselor that Gallaudet is a bad place to be because they punish students who knowlingly and deliberately break the law or knowingly break the Student Code of Conduct, and it will take some time to process a VR change. Perhaps just taking a semester off and aiming for a transfer for the Fall semester would be more realistic. Those students who feel that protesting was more important than getting a college level education certainly should boycott Gallaudet because it is frustrating their expectations. The reduced number of students will allow Gallaudet to close down small enrollment majors and classes and offer less sections so they can layoff faculty next Fall and that will mean getting rid of many of the newer faculty who are not yet good signers. Thus this will partly resolve one of the grievances of the protestors even if a couple of native Deaf signers are lost in the shuffle.


  6. lol… that’s funny. it was a coincidence, but hey, vegas is a good place to be any time of the year. i had actually planned to go there for the holidays this year with my folks before my plans got changed by the need to remove a tenant from my house. ah, well. if anyone goes, send me a postcard from vegas, baby!


  7. At the bottom of the blog there’s a link to something promising “Take 10% off last Minute Deals Flight-hotel packages to Vegas.”

    A coincidence? Or is the UNLV recruiting Gallaudet students?


  8. With Plummer’s provocative insight, impressive breadth of knowledge, and insuppressible optimism, her leadership will make our heart smile. Not all students and Deaf people avail themselves of this enlightenment that Plummer entertains. Some are simply blinded by the guilt and confusion instilled in them by oppression generated by the administration of Gallaudet University. Drastic actions will be needed to understand what Gallaudet University is really about in the “big picture” of the Deaf and their language and culture, ASL. Reprisals do not make sense anymore.

    The traditional myths described Deaf people and their language as a floating basin at the center of a watery firmation, ruled by people with distinctively “hearing” ways of knowing and talking. Today we don’t see it that way anymore, and we’ve been looking at the Deaf community with sophisticated perspectives.

    At Gallaudet University, we have barely begun to see what Deaf people and their language really are. Go, Plummer, go!


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