Gallaudet Student Russell Harvard on CSI: NY, Dec. 13

Russell Harvard

Note: shows Harvard will be in an upcoming 2007 movie as well as on CSI:NY. The movie is called There Will Be Blood (2007) and is a story about family, greed, religion, and oil, centered around a turn-of-the-century Texas prospector (Daniel Day-Lewis) in the early days of the business. Here is a press release from about the CSI role:

Theatre Arts Deptartment major to appear in CSI: NY

Russel [sic] Harvard, a Gallaudet junior majoring in theatre arts: educational drama, has a role on CSI: NY.

The show titled “Silent Night” will air on Wednesday, December 13, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. Other Deaf actors appearing in this episode include: Marlee Matlin, Amber Stanton, and Troy Kotsur.

Harvard recently appeared on the Gallaudet stage as the ghost of Allan Grey in the Theatre Arts Department’s fall 2006 production “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Previous acting credits include: Older HW in “There Will Be Blood,” Claudio in “Much Ado About Nothing,” and Bison in The Bison Song Team. He has also performed with Rathskeller.

Kotsur has taken several courses in the Theatre Arts Deptartment and appeared in the Gallaudet production, “Somewhere in a Room.”

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7 thoughts on “Gallaudet Student Russell Harvard on CSI: NY, Dec. 13

  1. Russel,
    You were always one of my very Favorite students at TSD/EC. I knew what a talented ARTIST you were at a very YOUNG age & am glad you found your place in the arts industry! Can’t wait to see your movie; I will be the crazy lady standing up in the theater cheering ~ each time you are on the screen! So extremely proud & happy for you! I wish you tremendous success and JOY in the future.
    I hope you remember, fondly, all the FUN we had in the Elementary Art room! I still have many, many, many photos of you & your amazing artwork from all our years together.
    I know everyone you know in Austin will want to be with you when you are here. Your time will be limited, but I would love to see/visit you next time you come home!

    PS. Who is Sally?? (Obviously, we will have a LOT of “catching up” to discuss when we finally see eachother again!)


  2. russel big hi from brady stockberger i want to tell ya you are very gifted talented actor its amazing performer while i watched on curise especially farewell party i am so pleased to meet ya and enjoyed to have ya a nice company keep it up and happy and good soul send my love to sally best regards brady


  3. Brilliant! Music to my eyes! I am in love! Sleeping Beauty Wakes was awesome and I could see it again and again and again. You have got a fan in Los Angeles. Wish I could meet you. You truly amaze me.


  4. Russel, Hey from Alaska! I did not know about your acting on CSI and a upcoming movie WOW Congratulations! This is Sherri, Lief B. Mom we all miss you and ask about you often. Last night was the annual spring performance at A.S.S.D.H.H and the kid’s were wonderful! It was called “We Can Suceed” about Deaf famous people. Lief played James Burke, a professional deaf boxer from the late 1800’s and Mckinley played an aspiring stunt woman, like Kitty O’Neil. They were wonderful, saw your Mom but didn’t have the chance to talk to her. Can’t wait to see your movie.
    Take Care, Luv ya, Sherri B. and Kid’s


  5. You are such a great man!! congrats, i can see your future, and you will be in the top! Ive never known a person like you.
    it was amazing when I saw you on tv.
    I wonder if I ever see u again.


  6. Russell, Congratulations!!

    I remember the last time I saw you were at the Art Festival in IL, playing the gorilla and the marry jokes, and then I saw you in the movie. That is amazing. You really did great job at CSI: NY TV show. Now, I am looking forward for the upcoming movie in 2007! GAW.


  7. Russell, I am proud of you for your motivation and accomplishment. I know you will be a great actor after your graduation from Gally. I saw your awesome performance when we were at Gally. I hope I will pah see you when we’r in Texas or DC. Good Luck to you and your future! 🙂 DJH


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