My Thoughts on Davila, Marshall, and Weiner

This is a list of the recently announced final candidates for Gallaudet Interim President. My choice would be Dr. Robert Davila, for his extensive and recent contributions to the field of Deaf Education. Weiner, as a member of the Jordan inner circle, is immediately suspect, and should not even be considered whatsoever. Marshall has not had much recent experience, and based on the opinionated tone in his C.V. and Letter of Intent, I do not see him as being able to bring together to a peaceful compromise the views that have sharply divided the Deaf community. Davila is, in my opinion, the best possible choice for the Interim Presidency and most able to forge a peaceful co-existence between all parties in this conflict.

Below are links to Letter of Intent and Curriculum Vitae for the three. Tell me what your thoughts are on these candidates and who you hope to see selected.

Final Three Candidates Announced

The Interim President Selection Advisory Committee forwarded its report containing recommendations of three finalist for the interim president position to the Board of Trustees for their consideration. The Board will meet this weekend, December 9-10, to make a final decision.

The three final candidates are:

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12 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Davila, Marshall, and Weiner


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  2. Davila is very Alexander G. Bellish.
    He exhibited an audistic attitude
    whilst teaching in the graduate
    school of education at Gallaudet.


  3. Davila is an old fart with conservative ideas which I don’t think will be good for Gallaudet. He was hired by CSD to built Human Service Programs into an elite level but he did nothing and was transfered to several other positions before he decided to end his tenure there for good. Several CSD ex-employees told me that he became senile and didn’t perform his job well. I do applaud for his finest effort over his years but it’s time for a young blood with progressive ideas to clean up Gallaudet mess and built into a better University for the future.


  4. Kenton, even I am deaf of deaf, I choose not to use ‘D’ after one year of field research work on this concept. It is a long story how I had reached to my own conclusion. I actually burnt everything on the grill wishing this never happened. It is more divisive than worth acclaiming one’s own identity except for title purposes in a more collectivist term.

    I am aware of Davila not supporting ASL but that is in the past and I sincerely hope it is so. My choice is Davila or Weiner. For Davila, it is based on all what have been said about him. For Weiner, I know him. He is inclusive, honest, fair minded down to earth and will certainly bring Gallaudet together.

    Anne Marie


  5. I likewise thought that Dr. Davila would seem to be the best choice for Gallaudet University Interim President. It could be that my position as a RIT/NTID alumnus might exert unconscious influence on my preference but I don’t think so.

    I am a bit concerned that Dr. Davila’s ideas and leadership style may not be welcomed by Gallaudet University. For example, his mentioned pluralism and inclusive policies and practices in his letter of intent and I believe that he is probably influenced by the different places that he was in, especially in his past positions at U.S. Department of Education and RIT/NTID. Will his ideas clash with Gallaudet-style mentality? Or, am I too pessimistic seeing negative views more readily than positive views (my awful habit)? Am I underestimating the power of Dr. Davila’s leadership?

    There are pros and cons for hiring insider instead of outsider. I am sure that the decision whether insider should be selected over outsider is one of the many decisions that the Board of Trustees will face.

    Joseph Pietro Riolo

    Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this post in the public domain.


  6. When Davila was the Assistant Secretary for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (1989 – 1993) under the U.S. Department of Education, he turned down a proposal that would have put ASL under the Bilingual Education Act. His rationale: ASL is not a language. I wonder what his stance is now.


  7. I apologize for changing the subject but I’m curious who the other ten applicants were and wondering out loud why the search committee didn’t pick more than three applicants for the BOT’s consideration.


  8. I thought Davila was the best one of the three. I was kinda disappointed that they used “deaf” rather than “Deaf” to identify themselves. =[


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