Maybe Gallaudet Need More Coalitions

by “Poppi”

I am pretty dumb and immensely retarded. I only try to sometimes play at thinking like humans do. So let’s see how hard I can try 😎 

1. I’ve got no principled problem with the forming of any formation. All I do is ask dumb questions in an attempt to be educated.
2. I, for one haven’t cursed anyone who cursed an organization they first kissed
3. The Faculty Senate negotiates for just faculty. And sometimes, maybe non-tenured fac may not have a real voice in the forum
4. The SBG speaks/signs for ALL undergraduate students.
5. The GSA speaks/signs for ALL graduate students
6. The GUAA says it speaks/signs for ALL Gallaudet alumni
7. the CoSOC does not–at least that is what my dumb head understands–speaks/signs for all students. It has created a segregated body (of course right is theirs) re-actively. None but Poppi is super dumb enough to not know why they have created this organization. The attempt is to counter-balance the SBG and GSA.
8. There even used to be an African Student Union. It died like some folks starve to death in some places on mother planet, because the union was too disunionized and did not represent the whole.
9. It is really OK fr folks to fabricate whatever their wild dreams allow them to engineer. But care should probably be taken, so that what we ask does not tun out to be a Midas power.

Bottom line, this is America, the melted pot. So, let there be millions of pots. Let there be:

1. A Coalition of short Employees (CoSE)
2. A Coalition of Tall Employees (CoTE)
3. A Coalition of Short Faculty (CoSFAC)
4. A Coalition of Tall Faculty (CoTFAC)
5. A Coalition of Deaf Employees (CoDE)
6. A Coalition of deaf Employees (CodE)
7. A Coalition of Slender Women (CoSW)
8. A Coalition of Fat Employees (CoFATE)
9. A Coalition of Fat Faculty (CoFATFAC)
10. A Coalition of Non-US Born White Employees (CoNUSWE)
11. A Coalition of Non-US Born White Faculty (CoNUSFAC)
12. A Coalition of US-Born White Employees (CoUSBOE)
13. A Coalition of US-Born Faculty (CoUSBOFAC)
14. A Coalition of Non-US Born African-American Employees (CoNUSAAE)
15. A Coalition of Non-US Born African-American Faculty (CoNUSAAFAC)
16. A Coalition of US-Born African-American Employees (CoUSAAE)
17. A Coalition of US-Born African-American Faculty (CoUSAAFAC)
18. Don’t forget to segregate the GUAA.
19. Gallaudet might even need a Board of Trustees of Colors (BoTC)
20. And there ought to be a Coalition of Dumb Alumni (CoDuA). Sadly, this would be a one-man coalition, since Poppi is the only dumb alum!

Yes, we have the right to do anything, even get out naked and shit next to the statute to Gallaudet! We have got rights. But shall we be doing all that which we have the political right to do, simply because we have got the right?

So, folks, ye get busy and build coalitions! But let’s make sure these coalitions don’t turn out to be Midas powers, and become real merdes!

Just playing at thinking like the smart humans do.


2 thoughts on “Maybe Gallaudet Need More Coalitions

  1. greg – i think you’ve misunderstood poppi. he is being sarcastic in this post. he is not supporting the CoSOC. he is pointing out that the CoSOC does NOT speak for ALL members of a class of people, the way the SBG [students], GUAA [alumni] and GSA [graduate students] do. The CoSOC claims to speak for ALL students of color, but in reality, they have seriously divided their base, [people of color] and they formed CoSOC with the express intent to weaken the coalition of FSSA.


  2. I am so sick of the non-American African guys at the GallyNet forum who love to label themselves as deaf, dumb, or retarded. I just unsubscribed to this forum. When a new interim Gally president comes in on January 1st, he/she will have a power to give the crybabies(Larry King, Lindsday Dunn, Poppi, and few others one-way tickets back to their native lands. Their talk smells worse than the landfill.


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