Deaf Blogs EXPLODE!

It’s no surprise that in the past six months, thanks to the latest technology that allows instant web publishing through Blogs, and the uproar that resulted in the selection of Dr. Fernandes as Gallaudet’s President – Designate, that scores, maybe even hundreds of new blogs by Deaf, deaf, and hearing authors of every stripe interested in the protests sprung up practically overnight. Certainly, Deaf Blogs have exploded, and still more continue to be started up daily. has done a terrific job of aggregating these blogs and making them available to readers across the globe. Another good blog aggregator I know of is There is, however, room for more than two blog aggregators, and several different styles of aggregators are sure to be developed in the coming months to meet the need. The more aggregators that are developed, the more traffic and readers it means for all Deaf Bloggers.

With this in mind, today begins the official roll-out of BiblioMarket’s New Deaf Blog aggregator, called DEAF BLOGS FROM ALL OVER, available at the URL and through a RSS Feed address at  Additionally, no longer will you have to use a computer to check the latest Deaf Blog entries! A mobile RSS feed for Sidekicks and Blackberrys and other handheld devices is avalable. Simply add this RSS feed to your mobile web browser links:


As you’ll see when viewing this new aggregator, I have combined both the DeafRead and Deaf-Blogs RSS feeds, and I’ve added dozens of other RSS feed sources that spider the entire internet, automatically retrieving ALL deafness related blogs AND blogs with deaf authors, although not always necessarily ABOUT deafness, but nonetheless written BY deaf authors from across the blogosphere. In addition, DEAF BLOGS FROM ALL OVER automatically includes newly established Deaf Blogs as soon as they are ‘spidered’ by these sources. The result is a clean, very fast loading page with 100 of the latest blog entries of interest to our community. If you haven’t started a blog yet, now is the time to do it, because you will automatically be retrieved and added to DEAF BLOGS FROM ALL OVER, and develop an audience of loyal readers!

The news does not end here, though. I am working on several other automatic media retrieval projects that will be released in the coming days, including a captioned web videos aggregator! Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from BiblioMarket!


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