CoSC on Interim President Search Committee?

by Zoltan Szekely

There was no CoSC in April. There was only a letter signed by
4 individuals from some groups. It was not a coalition. It was not
even called CoSC. Later some individuals broke out of the FSSA
after being treated by the designate’s camp during the summer.
They tried to organize an anti-reform splinter group in support of
the designate and the status quo.

Actually, this pro-status quo anti-protest splinter group tried to
organize first the so called ‘Coalition of Concerned Students’ that
was a flop. Their arrogant demagoguery gave the designate the
wrong tactical idea that led to her serious miscalculations and grave
errors in communicating an unacceptable level of arrogance. As a
consequence, the designate had to be removed. This ‘coalition’ was
duly defeated by the ever growing and finally unstoppable momentum
of the reform movement.

Now, one failed coalition morphed to another one by some ill advice
they received to go racial, play out the race card and incite segregation.
This opportunistic chameleon-coalition was for some reason
acknowledged by the Board, apparently as a backlash by anti-reform
forces inside the Board against the victorious majority. Members of CoSC
vowed from day one to take revenge, undo the victory of the protest and
make it ‘pyrrhic’.

But CoSC is too much compromised by its compromised leadership.
As a clear sign of extremist radicalism, they demanded the resignation
of ALL Board members. This was a grave error, a continuation of
Fernandes’ tactics of intimidation and blackmailing toward the Board.
They may have been successful for now, but in the long run their
advances will be reversed and mess will be cleaned up.

That is why La Toya Plummer and Delia Hernandes had to write
their letter to the Board. I ask the pro-reform colored people to support
La Toya and Dalia and take a stance against the hi-jacking of their
representation by a few arrogant careerists who play the dirty politics
of racial division and segregation.



4 thoughts on “CoSC on Interim President Search Committee?

  1. The FSSA and CoSC are both praticing intimidation tactics to get thier points across. But here you go blaming the administration of “managing by intimidation”. Two wrongs don’t make it right.
    At this point this place is just barely staying alive and it would be best to clear everyone out and start over. Open it back up to students who actually want to have lives after school and learn to accomplish this.

    The complaining and blaming isn’t working here folks.


  2. The human ego is such a bitch. Just cause is introverted. I hope one can be colorblind and strive for unity for the sake of the university, not through polarization and rigid beliefs or woes.


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