BoT announces Interim President Selection Advisory Committee

Board announces Interim President Selection Advisory Committee
November 16, 2006


TO: Interim President Selection Advisory Committee (IPSAC)
FR: Pamela Homes ‘74, Board Chair
RE: First IPSAC Meeting

This is to confirm that IPSAC will have its first meeting [today], Friday, November 17 from 4:00 p.m. to 9 p.m., in the Kellogg Conference Hotel (KCH) Ballroom B. Dinner will be provided from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., in the KCH Ballroom A. I have asked Ms. Cheryl Heppner to serve as the ex officio board member on IPSAC. The remaining members of IPSAC are:

* Charleen Sculley – Student Body Government
* Melissa Malzkuhn – Graduate Student Association
* Roni McCarthy – International Student Club
* Neisha Washington – Coalition of Students of Color
* Jane Dillehay – Faculty
* Jeffrey Lewis – Faculty
* Darian Burwell – University Staff
* Earl Parks – University Staff
* Gabrielle Jones – Clerc Center Teacher
* Judith Stout – Clerc Center Staff
* Isaac Agboola – GUAA
* Andy Lange – GUAA
* Deborah DeStefano – Administrator
* Sharrell McCaskill – Administrator

I am also pleased to announce that Dr. Jane Dillehay has agreed to lead the Interim President Selection Advisory Committee [IPSAC] as its chair. Dr. Dillehay is one of two faculty representatives to serve on IPSAC, which begins its work with its first meeting today.

Dr. Dillehay, a professor in the Biology Department, joined the Gallaudet faculty in 1980 as an assistant professor. She chaired the Biology Department from 1993 to 1994 and served as Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Sciences, and Technologies from 1994-2004. Currently, Dr. Dillehay chairs the Council of Undergraduate Education, co-chairs the Liberal Education Task Force, and is a member both of the Faculty Senate and the Faculty Officers Advisory Committee. Her most recent scholarly activity was in collaboration with three other faculty members on a PEPNET presentation and a paper she developed on freshmen learning communities.

Dr. Dillehay was born hard of hearing. She learned ASL and a deep appreciation of Deaf Culture as a member of the Gallaudet faculty while serving the University over 26 years.

During tomorrow’s meeting, Ms. Heppner will distribute a copy of the charge, timelines, a job description and a confidentiality agreement for review and signature.

Thank you for agreeing to serve on IPSAC.


One thought on “BoT announces Interim President Selection Advisory Committee

  1. Jeff Lewis needs to go. He is the most audistic deaf guy we ever see. He is always trying to please hearing people. From what I heard from my friends, he puts too much importance on hearing professionals’ opinions.


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