Edward Miner Gallaudet Residence

I agree with Mr. Malzkuhn’s letter shown below. Gallaudet paid a $578,000 salary to I.K. Jordan in 2005. Along with this cash, he also lived rent-free, maintenance-free on campus in the Edward Miner Gallaudet Residence. [House One] It’s time to change the status quo.
by Matt Malzkuhn

I want to propose a new idea that will be a part of the steps that we
are taking to make Gallaudet a completely healthy environment and
without the typical institutionalized characteristics that usually
follows a Deaf place whether its educational or social.

The president of Gallaudet will no longer reside in House 1 (Edward
Miner Gallaudet Residence). With the president of the University living
on site, its like having a live-in warden, a person of power being
present on campus at all times. It is like Deaf schools or state
institutions of old in which the presidents or directors usually live on
the grounds of the institution. To become progressive, we need to
abandon this ideology. The House 1 or EMG residence is rich in history
and can be better used as an University museum or for whatever purposes
we find suitable.

The university president makes enough money, more than enough, to find
residences in DC or the DC Metro area that are within their
affordability range. The president of an University is a job, a job
within our democracy society, not a position that has monarchical or
dictatoral characteristics.

As we pass the driveway to the EMG residence, there is a sign that
indicates what building it is and right below that is a sign that
states: “Private Property” and “University Authorized Vehicles Only”.
With that, in that instant, there is a 10 by 20 invisible wall that
circles the building and approaching it, we feel this feeling of being
intruding onto a property. This property should be made to be ours, made
into something that belongs to everybody associated with Gallaudet.

A president is not a king but a leader!


10 thoughts on “Edward Miner Gallaudet Residence

  1. Chris Heuer responds to Jordan’s lapdog Lindsay Dunn on gallynet:

    Nov 16

    Lindsay, come on.

    What is this? “So Bush would need to vacate the White House as his place of residence?” What does that have to do with anything? Nobody goes to college on the White House grounds, at least not that I know of. Ditto for elementary, middle, and high school students. They might have a top-secret Daycare in there for the Secret Service kiddies, but beyond that, there’s no educational programs whatsoever going on in the White House (a reality reflected in the way the White House has handled Iraq).

    I have a really good buddy named Marty who is the principal of a deaf institution. I don’t know if he currently actually lives on that campus (he might). But I know for a fact that he’s lived on others… though I do not know if he has lived there rent-free. For that matter, I don’t know for a fact whether or not IKJ lives in his house rent-free either.

    I’m telling you this so that you know I’m not saying any of this lighlty…Marty is a great guy and in my opinion a really good administrator. He’s my friend and I respect him. Nonetheless a certain cultural mentality is being fed by a lot of current practices on this and many other campus grounds of deaf institutions… a mentality of paternalism and maternalism, and a mentality of simultaneous imperialism. I’ll forward this letter to him, and if he recognizes something in himself that he doesn’t like, so be it. It’s more important to have this said than it is to let bad things fester in the name of friendship… or fear.

    Bluntly stated, if I can drag my ass out of bed at six in the morning, walk a couple of blocks through the sun, snow, and rain to the Metro, park that same ass in a seat and wait patiently for forty minutes until the Metro uncerimoniously deposits me at New York Avenue… after which I get to walk about seven more blocks through a crime-infested neighborhood all for the privilige of showing up for work… then any incoming President can do the same thing. And if he/she can’t do that, tell you what… I won’t bitch. Our new President will be earning 600 grand a year (compared to my 55 grand), so he can afford his own nice flashy car and thus save himself the trouble of walking at all. Him driving to work in a Porsche is a perfectly reasonable and acceptable compromise to me.

    I mean, really, what is this? What the hell is all of this? Did you know that a couple of months ago the RidorLive website published photos of select faculty members’ cars parked in choice parking lots? It almost seems as if once you obtain some sort of favor in this System, you get all kinds of “perks” for it.

    Now normally, do I care? Surprisingly, no. I don’t need 600 grand a year to be happy, nor do I need unlimited power, a flashy car, a free house, or any of that crap. All I need is my wife, the relative stability our combined incomes can provide (believe it or not there’s absolutely nothing wrong with two people sharing one car–it cuts down on global warming), our families and friends, and the experiences we create together. I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s how I get to sleep at night, and that’s why I can look at myself in the mirror without flinching.

    I also kind of think that’s also why I don’t see the students of this campus as children in need of my protection. It’s probably also why I don’t have any sense of entitlement that I know of, nor do I carter to anyone else’s sense of entitlement whenver and wherever it happens to pop up.

    It’s ironic how we’ve got at least a couple administrators and faculty members going around saying our students are acting like “spoiled children who didn’t get their way,” yet these same students sleep in cramped and in at least one case moldy dorm rooms. Meanwhile who has the choice parking spaces, the fourth floor offices, the 200+ grand a year paychecks, etc?

    I’m not saying there can’t be perks for administrative jobs. I’m not saying that some of these huge paychecks don’t fit the responsibilities and headaches/ulcers that go with the jobs. I’m not saying ALL of our administrators are corrupt paternalists/maternalists, nor even that their paternalism/maternalism is fueled by their imperial-level perks.

    But goddamn, man. Have the rich and the poor historically been buddy-buddy anywhere in the world that you know of? No. Did the Master ever eat with the Slaves? Generally… no. Is it generally a good idea to throw huge piles of cash and power at specific individuals and to hell with everyone else? Hm… probably not.

    Let’s get a President in here who is faced with the reality from Day One that none of this is his. He works here… he doesn’t own it. He’s here to serve. When he’s not interested in serving anymore, fine… thanks for the memories… the front gate’s thataway.

    And for what it’s worth, maybe the US Government is as corrupt as it is for the very same reasons I’ve listed above… too much money, too much power, too many perks. Go and watch the DVD “Why We Fight” sometime… it’s an education. It teaches you what happens when John and Jane Average fail to step on the brakes and reign our “representatives” back in a little bit.

    Just my $650,000 a year (minus $600,000 and the free house).


  2. Lindsay Dunn [one of I.K. Jordan’s lapdogs …er… i mean, ‘special assistants’] wrote this on the gallynet email list:

    Lindsay Dunn
    to gallynet

    Nov 16

    So Bush would need to vacate the White House as his place of residence?

    All Superintendants of schools for the deaf must find their own place outside campus (schools for the deaf and college/ universities) and of course all staff who live on campuses (deaf school and Gallaudet) as CRE’s, cottage parents etc. should find their own places to live and commute like all of us.

    My understanding is housing is one of the attractions of the job or rather, one of the perks. Of course I could be wrong.

    Lindsay [Dunn]


  3. Where do most of the presidents of other universities (e.g., Harvard, Stanford, Yale, etc.) usually live? On campus or off campus?




  5. School supt. at Md School for the Deaf no longer lives in the house and when I walked on the campus last Friday, I CAN feel the difference to know this house is used for Family Ed Center.

    Imagine being in the same bedroom with all past presidents and their wives.

    Anne Marie


  6. Why not require the next Gallaudet University president to reside few months in one of mold-riddled Gallaudet dormitory? So he or she would do something to remedy the residence buildings or demolish the Clerc Hall beyond the real damage of remedying that dormitory.

    Or reside on the fourth floor of HMB where everyone could keep an eye on the new President.

    I rather see IKJ end up in the federal prison for the endangerment of students and faculty members and staffers and alumnus’ health and compromised the structural facilities for over 18 years.



  7. Don’t forget Jordan’s assertion that the grassy field, known as Olmsted Field between the President house and College Hall, is his front lawn. He made that statement while ordering the gigantic tent being constructed for the Homecoming Weekend demolished.


  8. One thing to consider-

    It’s not entirely unprecedented that a president of college would live in a mansion paid by for university. When they do, it is usually with expectation that they will hold events necessary to attract potential donors and raise funds.


  9. Matt Malzkuhn,

    Excellent point. Really makes me think, too. And I *agree*… living rent-free while earning a pretty substantial amount for doing what? Looking down their nose at us through their windows of their rent-free home thinking they can have the last laugh at Gallaudet Community? Especially when the Gallaudet Community is being abused by DPS and the administration, run by none other than the one looking down their nose at us through the windows of their rent-free home!!!

    I’d rather have a true leader who can see eye-to-eye with the Gallaudet Community and is not afraid to be a PART of us.

    Thank you, Matt. Really opened up my eyes about this subject today. 🙂


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