Video: Levinson – Schwarz Duel (Oy Vey!)

This is a cool video from Amy Cohen Efron, about the ongoing Levinson – Schwarz duel between two well known deaf financial planners, both oralist-raised males on living on opposite coasts of the U.S. – It is THE battle royale, east meets west, careless remarks-turned-to civil war. Who shall be the victor? Levinson is on the AGB and Gallaudet Boards. He should have known better than to make public statements like these. Therefore, my money’s on Schwarz….


2 thoughts on “Video: Levinson – Schwarz Duel (Oy Vey!)

  1. But Schwarz is a nut case… Have you actually met him?

    He still claims on his web site that he is the ONLY independent deaf financial planner that provides financial services in ASL. Oops! There’s Kramer Financial in Frederick, MD, who is independent too!


  2. I would bet my money on Schwarz to win the duel! Hey do you have Schwarz financial link? Please do sent a link on this comment. That will be appreciated. I would love to be a client under Schwarz’s financial. I feel that Schwarz is the most trust Deaf Financial Planner more than Levinson’s!


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