Pam Holmes: Memo RE: IPSAC

November 13, 2006

TO: The Gallaudet Community
FR: Pamela Holmes, Chair, Gallaudet University Board of Trustees
RE: Selecting an Interim President

The Gallaudet University Board of Trustees has begun the process of identifying an interim president to begin service on January 1, 2007. Following a full day of meetings with key constituency groups, including students, faculty, alumni, and staff, the Board met in executive session to establish the process set forth in this memorandum.

The Board expects to appoint an interim president with the following characteristics:

* Possession of a terminal degree
* Higher education knowledge, experience and credentials
* Shared vision: An inclusive, academically excellent university
* Proven leadership ability
* Knowledge of fundraising and congressional relations
* Ability to lead efforts to enhance respect for diversity
* Ability to bridge different constituencies
* Budget/fiscal management experience
* Fluency in American Sign Language and knowledge of deaf culture
* Highest standards of integrity and ethics
* Support for K-12 education and LCC national mission efforts

Simultaneously with issuance of this memorandum, the Board has issued a call for nominations and indications of Interest. The call is posted on the Gallaudet University website and individuals who wish to make nominations, including self-nominations, may do so by sending an email to

The Board expects the interim president will serve on an interim basis only, for a period of eighteen months. The Board and the interim president, by mutual agreement, may extend this period for an additional six months if needed.

The Board hereby creates an Interim President Selection Advisory Committee (IPSAC) and asks that it provide assistance by considering a diverse range of candidates to serve as interim president and make recommendations consistent with the below.

IPSAC will recommend three to five candidates to the Board of Trustees, which will then fulfill its responsibility as the governing body for the University by selecting one of those individuals as interim president. The Board reserves the right to request additional candidates from IPSAC. IPSAC will have the responsibility of preparing a brief written report about each of the recommended candidates, discussing strengths and weaknesses; it shall not provide any ranking of the recommended candidates.
IPSAC shall consist of the following members:

* 1 student, SBG
* 1 student, GSA
* 1 student, International Students Association
* 1 student, Coalition of Students of Color
* 2 faculty
* 2 University staff
* 1 Clerc Center teacher
* 1 Clerc Center staff
* 2 alumni
* 2 administrators
* 1 member of the Board of Trustees

The members of IPSAC will be selected by the constituency groups they represent. The respective constituency groups are expected to confirm that their representatives are available to serve. The Chair of the Board of Trustees, Ms. Pamela Holmes, will select the Chair of IPSAC, in consultation with the Executive Committee of the Board. She or her designee also will serve on the IPSAC in an ex officio capacity. A quorum of eight shall be required for IPSAC decisions. An individual will be hired to provide full-time staff support to IPSAC.

In its work, IPSAC may develop additional procedures consistent with this memorandum. It should confirm that each recommended candidate is available to begin service on January 1, 2007. It may but need not conduct video or in person interviews of the individuals it considers.

The schedule for the selection of the interim president, which is very aggressive and will be adhered to rigorously, is as follows:

* November 13: issuance of this memorandum
* November 15, 5 p.m.: constituency groups to submit names, titles, and contact information of their selected IPSAC members
* November 16, 5 p.m.: Board Chair Ms. Holmes to select Chair of IPSAC
* November 17: expected first meeting of IPSAC
* December 1: IPSAC to notify individuals on its recommended list of their selection
* December 6, 5 p.m.: IPSAC to send brief written reports to Board Chair Ms. Holmes
* December 9: Board meeting to interview recommended candidates
* December 11: Board decision to be announced
* January 1, 2007: interim president to begin service

IPSAC shall conduct its work in accordance with a confidentiality agreement that will be distributed at the first meeting.

The Board expects to announce a separate search process for the permanent president, after an interim president has been selected.

Thank you.

Posted: 13 Nov 2006


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