Pamela Holmes, RE: Interim President Selection

I was happy to hear that Pamela Holmes is the new chairperson for the BoT. I knew Ms. Holmes through my work at Telecommunications for the Deaf [TDI] a decade ago. Ms. Holmes always struck me as a level-headed, fair and compassionate advocate for Deaf rights, and I hope she will prove herself to still be so as she chairs the BoT through the Interim Presidential Selection. Here is the text of a letter she sent to the community yesterday:

Letter from the New BOT Chair

TO: Campus Community

FROM: Pamela Holmes, ‘74, Chair

DATE: November 11, 2006

RE: Board Update Regarding Interim President Selection

On Saturday, November 11, the Board met to discuss next steps in this important transitional time at Gallaudet. I am sending you this letter as the newly appointed chair of the Board. I hope you will join me in welcoming the newly appointed vice-chair, Mr. Frank Wu. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the meeting because of flight cancellations due to snow, but I was able to participate electronically in the afternoon.

Recognizing the importance of involving the Gallaudet community, we began our day by meeting with representatives from key constituency groups including students, faculty, university staff, representatives from the Clerc Center, and alumni. Also, prior to the meeting, the Board had an opportunity to meet with representatives from a parent group. We heard from the constituency groups their ideas about what characteristics an interim president should have and what the selection process should be.

Taking into consideration the information gained in our morning meetings, the Board deliberated at length and defined the characteristics of an interim president and determined the selection process. In the afternoon, we reconvened in Executive Session and decided to establish the Interim President Selection Advisory Committee (IPSAC) to recommend candidates for the Interim President to the Board. The committee will be made up of representatives from key constituencies and will convene as soon as possible. The goal is to recommend candidates to the Board in time to have an interim president in place by the end of the year.

Further details of the composition and charge of the IPSAC will be forthcoming shortly.


4 thoughts on “Pamela Holmes, RE: Interim President Selection

  1. Carl Schroeder-I was one of those who knew Pam Holmes when she was a student at Gally. I am in favor of giving her the benefit of the doubt. I’m not gonna sit here and be blaming the board members and the entire deaf community for affording jordan hero status and rubber stamping his agenda. Lets be honest here. jordan WAS a hero as the first deaf Prez of Gally.
    We didnt know he was apparently a wolf in sheeps clothing all this time. Let’s be thankful that jordan showed us all his true colors in May and Oct of this year and exposed himself as the creep he really is. We will all be watching to see who gets
    selected as the interim President of Gally. Personally I support Dr Bob Davila for that position. There are other well known and qualified potential deaf candidates as well. So lets wait and see who they come up with.


  2. Carl – What I knew of Ms. Holmes a decade ago does not neccessarily mean she is still as compassionate or as strong an advocate for deaf rights NOW. I can only hope she will show that she still has these qualities, despite the mess that happened with the JKF selection. Hopefully, as a result of the failed process and the protests, Ms. Holmes has been humbled and has learned from, and will not repeat, her mistakes. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and let the Board of Trustees repair the damage they caused.


  3. Mr. Schroeder, Your angriness and hostile comments to date have left you with little credence to the people now trying to clean up the mess. The goings on at Gallaudet can be fixed without you negativity.
    You should allow other people to comment on your personal blog before offering you two cents on others.


  4. We need to remember that Pamela Holmes was the chairperson (level-headed?) of the recent presidential search that came up with JKF’s selection. We need not get excited or overexcited. We cannot forget Ms. Holmes’ “leadership” in selecting JKF; we must not!


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