Call for Films:Deaf Rochester Film Festival





Call for Entries for
The Second Deaf Rochester Film Festival
Festival Dates: 23-25 March 2007


2007 – DRFF’s MISSION:

1. To promote and showcase films by Deaf / Hard of hearing filmmakers;

2. To showcase films about the Deaf experience;

3. Encourage analysis and interpretations of Deaf Cinema and Deaf visual aesthetics;

4. To develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Deaf gaze in light of the diversity of genre, cultures, and styles of filmmaking;

5. Foster film as a medium for historical preservation of Deaf Culture;

6. Provide networking opportunities for Deaf /Hard of Hearing filmmakers and others involved in the field; and

7. Inspire future generations of Deaf / Hard of Hearing filmmakers.


DRFF’s film entry regulations:


1. Films may be of any length.


2. Animation, documentaries, films for children and experimental work are welcomed.


3. Deaf film students and Deaf professional
filmmakers are encouraged to submit their


4. Technical notice: All films must be in


5. Films submitted will not be returned. They will remain in the DRFF archives housed at Wallace Memorial Library at the Rochester Institute of Technology.


THE DEADLINE for entries is December 1, 2006.
Notifications of acceptances / rejections will happen no later than
January 15, 2007.

We are seeking films:
…by Deaf filmmakers who are students,
professionals and from cultures outside
of the United States.
…by filmmakers using film to
communicate the Deaf Experience or
Visual Aesthetics.

If interested or you have any questions: please contact via this email address: or click here to download Release and Entry Forms.







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