I.K. Jordan Responds to Allegations

President Jordan’s response to ‘The Washington Post‘s article on
Gallaudet’s grade changing allegations.

Since 1864, Gallaudet University has had a unique mission of providing
opportunities to students with diverse educational backgrounds and
needs. Since its inception, the University has offered remedial programs
and, in recent years, a challenging Honors Program. Gallaudet remains
committed to ensuring that all our students have the opportunity to
succeed and, to graduate, every student must satisfy the academic
requirements set by the faculty.

Under the leadership of then provost Dr. Jane Fernandes, a new strategic
plan, New Directions for Academic Affairs, was developed that included
raising admissions standards. That planning effort was co-chaired by two
members of the faculty (who constituted a majority of the Academic
Affairs Planning Committee) and was comprised entirely of faculty,
staff, and students). In that document is a plan for increasing the
number of articulation agreements with community colleges, particularly
those who already have experience teaching deaf students, so that
remedial courses can be taught there and students transfer to Gallaudet
when they complete those courses successfully. The faculty and the board
have given their strong support to this and all of the plans contained
in New Directions, and these agreements with community colleges are
being developed. Anecdotes about a student or students who cannot
multiply without a calculator make good news copy but do not represent
an accurate picture of the student body at Gallaudet University. We have
ambitious strategic goals and plans that are designed to ensure that
Gallaudet students receive an exemplary education that will prepare them
for the challenges in our rapidly changing world.

Regarding grading practices at the University, it is important to note
that there is a standard institutional process for addressing issues of
academic performance. There are procedures in place where students can
formally bring forth their concerns about their grades to their
professors, department chairs, and deans.

Gallaudet remains steadfast in support of our faculty to ensure
long-standing academic integrity. Above all else, Gallaudet is dedicated
to providing quality education for deaf and hard of hearing students.

Dr. I. King Jordan, President


6 thoughts on “I.K. Jordan Responds to Allegations

  1. So Alon, Explain to me again why the students were protesting with the teachers. Perhaps the teachers reason for getting the students to get unruly during the protest was because their heads would be rolling out of Gallaudet if Fernandes became Pres. Either way Now they have made their mistake. Mostly all of the teachers are responsible in some way with the alleged failing grade. You cannot put the blame on any one person although you did. I think the students should be handing out the No-Confidence vote to the Teachers if this is the case. Fernandes is no longer here, IKJ is leaving but you still have these alleged incompetent teachers.
    As for the students it is clear why they protested. Jane Fernandes is “Not DEAF ENOUGH” for them and their families. They have stated this since day one and continue to do so.

    At the end of it all the teachers have signed their own walking papers, the emphasis keeps changing during this protest and I don’t think the student and alumni protesters will be happy until Gallaudet is fre of NON Cultural Deadf CCONFORMISTS.


    Brian stop speculating who I might be and get out of Gallaudet. You are a thorn in Gallaudet’s side!!


  2. The truth is….academic standards have LOWERED at Gallaudet University under Jane’s time as provost. Much of this is due to the hiring of many teachers that cannot sign, and thus must communicate with students through interpreters. The vital exposure and education one gets from direct communication is lost, and this is very hard to make up. Irving Jordan is just lying through his teeth and trying to defend his failures.


  3. This is terrible. Raising the academic standards! How dare Dr. Fernandes do this. Gallaudet should keep the standards they have had since the 1800’s. Then we won’t have to worry about having people who are not part of our culture attending OUR university.


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