Znuage: Gallaudet Protest History

History of the Gallaudet Protest and Brief Thoughts About the Future

The Author Reflects on the Progress of the Protest Up to JKF’s Termination and Writes About Her Hopes for the Future of Gallaudet
By Znuage Nov 09 2006

[Ken’s editorial note] A Deaf friend of mine, after much research and long sessions at her computer reading, absorbing and understanding the catalyst that lead to the protests and beyond to the termination of Fernandes by the BoT, wrote this very good summary of the revolution, going back to May, explaining the actions and reactions of the various players in the drama. This is a clear, eloquent retelling of the key events, and would be useful to pass this article along to people who have asked you ‘what is this all about?’ or ‘Why did the protesters not give that woman a chance?’ This article will help bridge the gap between those who understand and those who do not.
One very important point I want to express is the very point I made earlier in my Fernandes Bulge letter about the distinction between deaf people making the jump into Deaf Culture, and deaf people like Board of Trustees member Ken Levinson who maintained an elitist snobbery towards Deaf Culture all their lives, and do not belong at Gallaudet – Znuage was a deaf person who had not considered herself a part of the Deaf Culture prior to this protest. As she explains in the article:

….I started to learn about the struggles at Gallaudet, and the protest. I was oblivious of all this as I never was very connected to the Deaf community due to the fact that I was mainstreamed [I was the only deaf student in every school but two out of seven schools] and grew up in a mostly hearing world. For the first time in a long time, I felt an incredible urge to get involved and show my support. In turn I became Deaf, and am no longer deaf. I won’t get into this though, as I have already covered that here. I began to obsessively do research, collect information, and spent many nights glued to the computer screen.”

I am not going to reprint the article here, but rather give you this link to find it at Znuage’s website. Please read it, you’ll be glad you did!


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