16 Years Ago Today…. [A Tribute]

Carl Dupree was MURDERED in this building

16 Years Ago Today…. I was a student at Gallaudet. I was in the old Ely Center, passing through the stairwell between classes, when I witnessed Carl Dupree being attacked by DOSS, thrown down on the stairs, and killed in an act of rage by officers of a security department that were supposed to PROTECT Gallaudet’s students.

During the attack, his neck and chest compressed by the attackers, Carl frantically fingerspelled ‘I can’t breathe.’ ‘I can’t breathe.’ ‘I can’t breathe.’ Then, as abruptly as the attack began, the fingerspelling stopped.

Carl was dead.

Nothing was done in the 16 years that have since passed, to ensure that DOSS, later renamed DPS, would be able to read, and understand, a student’s desperate plea, even one signed in the the most basic of sign language, fingerspelling.

In the wake that followed, a trial took place, but deaf witnesses’ signed testimony was incorrectly interpreted and incorrectly transcribed, the defendants released, and a MURDER thus went unpunished.

It is to I.K. Jordan’s everlasting shame that he has, despite so many years as President of Gallaudet University, failed to rectify this situation. On the cusp of Jordan’s coming retirement, today we remember Carl Dupree. We remember his murder. We remember I.K. Jordan’s inaction. We remember DOSS. We remember the travesty of justice.

In perhaps the most glaring insult to the memory of Carl Dupree, the building in which he was murdered, was last month renamed in honor of I.K. Jordan.

Today, I issue this challenge to the Naming Committee that prematurely honored I.K. Jordan in such a dishonorable way.: Remember Carl Dupree, and rename the building where he was murdered, in his honor.

copyright @ 2006, Kenenth G. Samson


10 thoughts on “16 Years Ago Today…. [A Tribute]

  1. My apology for talking about killing off all DPS. I understand it’s extreme. Good thing is that there are other ways to replace them peacefully.


  2. Only two days ago, Kok, a deaf man, fell off from his bicycle or motorcycle and was badly injured. It happened near Gally’s football field. DPS was quickly called for help. It didn’t come for 15 long minutes. He was already dead when it finally came to the scene. So, DPS committed gross negligence manslaughter. I believe it will be remained free of the punishment again. As long as it’s not punished, we only have one option left…we have legitimate rights to kill off all of DPS demons for our self-defense and for their punishments, if we dare, and hire holy Deaf people with ASL fluency to work at DPS. No justice, no peace.


  3. Carl Schroeder added the fuel with fire which lead to Carl Dupree’s death. Out of all his passing grades except Carl Schroeder, there’s a big elephant in the room.


  4. Shouldn’t FBI or Federal investigaors check the murder of Carl Dupreee and solve the old murder case? I wondered what is keeping them from coming out and get the truth out once for all. Was it about the image of DOSS changed its name to DPS just becasue of what they did that night and dump the poor man in the morgue while claiming as heroes? The DOSSS are cowards and they have that with them rest of their lives.


  5. AMC: read this website, there’s an article written by a Deaf girl’s mother around the time Carl was killed at Gallaudet. Also there’s another post above the article with some more information. It’s a crazy story!

    Ken: Thanks for writing this, when i first heard about it, i couldn’t believe it. The terrifying thing is that, nothing was changed after this. The DPS still don’t communicate well. You would think after something like this happened, the administration would think “Gee, maybe there IS something to this whole communication barrier thing on campus…” But nope. Nothing changed. 😦

    Truly a shame. I also did not know you were at Gallaudet during this time BTW!


  6. AMC : they DID do that to someone, out of the blue, [and while they were wearing their blue suits!] and no, carl was not drunk. he was on his way to meet his wife and 4 boys, having just come out of a meeting with the head of the english department, [nancy kensicki] and a meeting prior to that with Carl Schroeder. Doss was called department of safety and security back then. now they are called dept of public safety. [perhaps they thought a name change would polish their image.]


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