Brueggemann Resigns from Gallaudet BoT!

Associated Press has announced Brueggemann plans to step down this week from the BoT at Gallaudet. It also reported that McCain resigned in disagreement with the decision to terminate Dr. Fernandes. My earlier interpretation of this event being a political move appears to be in error. However, I am happy with these two departures from the Board. Any other Fernandes supporter who leaves the BoT or Gallaudet will make the job of eradicating the cancer on Gallaudet’s campus that much easier. -Ken @ bibliomarket


McCain Resigns Gallaudet Trustee Post

The Associated Press
Wednesday, November 8, 2006; 1:13 AM

WASHINGTON — Sen. John McCain has resigned as a trustee of the nation’s only liberal arts university for the deaf after its board voted to revoke the appointment of the school’s incoming president, a university spokeswoman said.

Gallaudet University planned to announce the Arizona Republican’s departure Wednesday, spokeswoman Mercy Coogan said. The announcement will also note that board chairwoman Brenda Jo Brueggemann decided to step down this week, Coogan said.

McCain described the board’s decision as unfair in a letter to outgoing President I. King Jordan this week, she said.

The Washington Post reported that Brueggemann, a professor at Ohio State University, said in an e-mail Tuesday she had considered resigning since Oct. 29, when the board voted to end Jane Fernandes’ appointment after a month of demonstrations and hunger strikes by students.

Students and faculty had criticized Fernandes, saying she was autocratic and unable to tackle some of the university’s long-term problems as provost.

Fernandes, 50, has said she became a lightning rod for those frustrated about changes in deaf culture. She had spoken about expanding Gallaudet, known for its expertise in and adherence to American Sign Language, to all kinds of deaf people _ those with cochlear implants, those who speak and those who do not sign well.

But some students said they were worried about preserving sign language and perhaps being left behind if other forms of communication became more prevalent on campus.


5 thoughts on “Brueggemann Resigns from Gallaudet BoT!

  1. I take back my words about her resignation statement, I read somewhere else that she was quoted to say she disagreed with the BoT’s decision.

    I am glad for her, Anne Marie


  2. A message from Dr. Brenda Jo Brueggemann:

    “I am resigning from the position of Chair of the Board of Trustees at Gallaudet University, effective immediately. I do not believe I can be the most effective member of the Board to lead Gallaudet through the next steps.

    Since I became Acting Chair in May 2006, my personal life, and my professional work as a scholar, teacher, and administrator at my own university, have suffered considerably. I can no longer justify these personal and professional costs.

    I continue to believe in the mission and vision of Gallaudet University as it is currently expressed and will continue to work, as best I can as a scholar of Deaf Studies and a hard-of-hearing person, to insure that the eight strategic goals that currently guide Gallaudet University are being further developed and implemented.”

    Posted: 8 Nov 2006


  3. I know that there were no ASLTA Certification requirement in the State of Ohio.. Please do your honor to investigate on this ASL Statewide Legislation as for “Requires ASL Teachers to Have Certification” under the State of Ohio on this link:

    That’s why there are so many “LEFT BEHIND” mainstream K-12 students in most of America.

    K-12 Education:

    “Fully Fund No Child Left Behind and Special Education” Like many states, few US Congressmen and US Senators were disappointed and angry that the Bush administration broke its promise to some state school children by not fully funding the No Child Left Behind Act.

    I am aware that some US Congressmen and few US Senators will fight for full funding and make Washington keep its three-decade old promise to fund 40 percent of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

    And also I am aware of John McCain do not care to vote on some of School Choice on this link:

    1. Voted NO on $52M for “21st century community learning centers”.

    2. Voted NO on $5B for grants to local educational agencies.

    3. Voted NO on shifting $11B from corporate tax loopholes to education.

    4. Voted NO on funding smaller classes instead of private tutors.

    5. Voted NO on funding student testing instead of private tutors.

    6. Voted NO on national education standards.

    7. Rated 45% by the NEA, indicating a mixed record on public education.


  4. ASLTA (American Sign Language Teacher Association) certification certifies qualification to teach ASL. I do not see how teaching Deaf studies require having this kind of certification. I did little fishing and here are what I found..

    Brenda Jo Bruggerman graduated from mainstreamed universities and as far appears to be a coordinator of English department at OSU.

    ASL studies has eventually been adopted through this department and others as follow: The American Sign Language Program at The Ohio State University is an interdisciplinary program offered through the Colleges of the Arts and Sciences (Department of English), the College of Social and Behavioral Science (Department of Speech and Hearing) and the College of Education (Education: Teaching and Learning).

    Also it is a newly formed program and I know a deaf scholar was temporary employed there and left after a year working there. I see a probability that Brenda Jo had to fill in until there is someone else?

    She wrote a numerous artciles about deaf culture, language..mainly about rhetorics that enable her position as an English professor and running interdisplincary programs in Deaf studies and ASL.

    My opinion about her statement for resigning: If I was her, it is very honorable to say like, I originally believe JF to be the most qualified until I learned more about her, I regret for making the appointment and not having acted quickly enough to remedy the whole situation I should have. I am resigning in the best interest of healing processes we need to undergo including myself with my career and personal life.

    She continues to keep on losing our respect.

    Anne Marie..bowing and shaking head


  5. My question about Dr. Brenda Jo Brueggemann, Chair, Ohio (not graduate from Gallaudet) and possible comes from mainstream college?? Am I right??? Does she have ASLTA certification to work at Deaf Studies in OSU???

    I know that there are no ASLTA Certification requirement in the State of Ohio.. Go investigate on this ASL Statewide Legislation link:

    In my thinking twice before sent a Thank you note email to Dr. Brenda Jo Brueggemann, Chair, Ohio to resign as a chairperson of BoT. I know that she is not Gallaudet Alumnian. Other queestion: Where does Brenda go college before she got PH D degree???

    Is there any possible that she is one of those mainstream college students that have no interest to take or have ASLTA or Society of ASL Guardians Certification requirement in the State of Ohio?? I am aware of that Brenda is currently works at Deaf Studies in OSU????


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