I. K. Jordan’s Message to the Campus Community

From: “President”
To: President@gallaudet.edu
Subject: Message to the Campus Community
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 18:50:12 -0500

Dear Students, Faculty, Staff, and Teachers:

I don’t have to tell you that the past months of intense discord have taken their toll on our community. Certainly the impact of what we have been through will resonate among all of us on campus and among alumni throughout the world for many years to come.

I deeply regret that Dr. Fernandes was not given an opportunity to become Gallaudet’s next President and carry out her vision for the University. She has devoted the past 11 years to making Gallaudet an inclusive educational environment of high quality for all deaf and hard of hearing students, and I believe she would have led the University to new heights of achievement. However, that is not to be, and we must look to the future of Gallaudet, to address the issues that have been raised, and to reconcile our differences.

As we work to ensure a safe and productive teaching, learning, and working environment for all members of our community, I ask each of you to join me in bringing about reconciliation on campus. One way to begin is for each of us to look within ourselves and think of what we can do to help bring about healing. I realize that the issues before us evoke passionate feelings, but I believe we can-and must-devote that same passion to addressing these issues and healing our community. Concerns that have been debated with heat must be discussed and resolved through collaboration of the administration, board, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and all those committed to the well-being of
the University.

During the almost 19 years of my presidency, we have accomplished great things together. I know our community will get through this challenging period, but it will require hard work from all of us. After all, no matter what position each of us took in recent months, we share a common love and concern for Gallaudet University. May that shared love give us the desire and strength to rebuild relationships, and work together for Gallaudet’s future.

I. King Jordan


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