Heroine Jeanne Fernandes de Gallaudet!

James Fernandes, Jane’s husband, sent out this letter in which he compares his wife to the heroine Joan of Arc, a national heroine of France and a saint of the Roman Catholic Church. In the letter, he also refers to the Gallaudet protesters as “a mob that turn on a heroic leader.” whew boy! … Now we can see where Jane got a part her Messianic complex! [a psychological state in which the individual believes herself to be, or is destined to become, the saviour of the world! As Jeanne de Gallaudet herself said: I am the ONLY one who can lead Gallaudet.]

Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 12:38:39 -0500

From: James Fernandes

Subject: Gallaudet’s Loss
To: Jim Verizon Fernandes

Dear All,

Sincere and deep thanks from all our family for the diverse ways you have expressed your love, support and shared greiving for the loss we and Gallaudet have experienced. Many–particularly those at Gallaudet–are not on this group email list, so please forward our thanks and my verizon email address to others you know who have fought the good fight. (I will set up a verizon email account for Jane soon, but she should remain emailable at jane.fernandes@gallaudet.edu for the
rest of this year.)

One card Jane got today from four lovely people said this: “‘There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience.’ You are a model of decency, integrity, and forward thinking.” She is indeed sleeping well. One blessing for all the mammals in our household is to have her back with us. The stress of the past months and weeks has been replaced with grief for what Gallaudet and Jane have lost. But Jane is just too great a person in so many ways not to have in her future another, perhaps even better, way of serving the cause of inclusive and effective education.

Not too long ago very dear friends of ours gave Jane a small medallion of Joan of Arc (Jeanne d’Arc in French, and I think Jeanne can be translated as Jane too) that she’s been wearing around her neck. So it was no small coincidence to see on the news triumphant detesters burning JK’s effigy on a stake. The fears, fury and hatred that drive a mob to turn on a heroic leader are clearly still with us so many centuries after Jeanne d’Arc was toppled from her horse and put to death after a sham of a trial.

Heroine Jane of Gallaudet?

Heroine Jeanne Fernandes de Gallaudet?

Many of you have already seen today’s Washington Post lead editorial, but for those of you who haven’t I’ll paste it below. Once again, the Post’s editorial board gets it right.



14 thoughts on “Heroine Jeanne Fernandes de Gallaudet!

  1. Jim cannot conveniently ignore the HUGE hit Gallaudet’s reputation took, thanks to Jane & King’s manipulation of the “not Deaf enough” storyline. My Deaf relatives generally don’t have a problem understanding what this protest was all about, but I’ve had to send countless e-mail clarifications to my hearing relatives who thought that the protestors were “cruel” for protesting against an “orally educated person”. Jeez. That was Jane’s greatest crime- selfishly and willfully damaging Gallaudet’s reputation out in the mainstream media, especially by going to radio and hampering Deaf people’s access to that particular interview. I repeat, the most serious casualty of the whole thing was NOT, I repeat, NOT Jane- but Gallaudet’s reputation, and it’ll take years to clean up media discourse on Deaf people. But at the same time, we’ve been unified like never before, so I guess I should thank you, Jim, for failing to encourage your wife to resign. Thanks, but no thanks.


  2. Joan of Arc? Think not! Jeannie is more like RASPUTIN the Mad Monk. He was the one who destroyed Imperial Russia until communists took over. You, Jeanie aka Rasputin, nearly destroyed Gally until the Deaf culture defenders stopped you!


  3. Joan of Arc burned on the stake. End of the story, Jim and Jeannie should go elsewhere.

    Leave our precious DEAF culture alone.


  4. Good try Jim. Like you think Heroine Jeanne Fernandes de Gallaudet is a saint. What she did at Gally during her tenure as Provost and at the Clec Centre was just plain evil. What did Gallaudet lose without Jane? absolutely nothing. What make you think Jane would do wonders at Gallaudet? wreck it even more than she did as Provost? It is understandanble that sore losers have to go thru a denial phase. Just get a life and shut up!


  5. James,
    If you happen to read this I will repeat something I once told your wife. People of integrity expect to be believed, when they are not, they let time prove them right.

    Time will prove that this event was a great loss for the University and the success for D/deaf people, the world throughout. Jane is the type of person whom my deaf children look up to and I appreciate an example to point to.


  6. Tough luck, indeed and those previous “Pro-Joan” comments are just merely an analogical wishful-thinking only to soothe one other’s painful mishap. Understandable BUT hey, just simply put here, a food of thought for you all…

    “Thou shalt not curse the deaf nor put a stumbling-block before the blind, but shalt fear thy God: I am the LORD.”
    Leviticus 19:14.

    Just a food of thought for y’all who had underestimated the power of Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind students…along with 82% FSSA as a WHOLE!

    Unity for Deaf people!


  7. Yeah yeah Tough luck your family and you need life move on while Gally Protest began processed heal and life move on too my point is Jane was over now! no point to dicuss now!


  8. It is a failure to know that Jane Fernandez has not even shown an ounce of respect for Gallaudet or for the protestors. James Fernandez has not recognized our students pain. He should be thankful that he has his wife back, but, he must look at his wife’s 11 years of work on campus. She has caused too much pain. If he can’t see that.. then he is truely deaf and blind. Deaf in his eyes and blind of his hands. That is what he has become to his wife and all of us.


  9. It is unfortunate that the other side did not EVEN recognize our pain they put us through. Calling the protest actions as “terrorism”, proclaiming that she is the ONLY leader for “new order” for Deaf people. I can go on with many other examples how destructive other side have said about us.

    We shall just move on knowing we were never so united as before. We have learned so much from this protest. We should continue and share our perspectives, feelings, and thoughts on how we can improve Deaf standards. We know we can do better than that!

    Unity for Deaf people!


  10. Hawaii remembers Jim as a wonderful man full of Aloha. We should all wish for a life partner who expresses support for his/her partner in such eloguence and with such sincerity. Janet Johanson


  11. Let Jim and Jane go through their own denial stage for now…. They will eventually realize something else. And so will their friends. Very sad!


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