I.K. Jordan: I’m coming Back to Gallaudet

sigh….. tonight, I am feeling discouraged and disgusted. when I heard about the upcoming interview with I.K. Jordan on NPR, with an audience of nearly 3 million people, I had hopes that after a month since Fernandes’ ouster that Jordan would have taken the time to reflect on the reasons for the upheaval, and come to better understand the dynamics of why the students, alumni, faculty, staff and parents rose in protest against the selection of Fernandes for Gallaudet’s next President.

Sadly, Jordan instead played yet again the Deaf Card, ignoring the main concerns and issues that were repeatedly raised by the protesters as the primary reasons they did not want Fernandes as their president. Jordan is TOO deaf to hear what we have been telling him all these months. To make things worse, Jordan has the gall to announce that after one year off on sabbathical, he will RETURN to TEACH at GALLAUDET.

I am so disgusted by this announcement and at his arrogance and manipulative ways. as you’ll see in the transcript of the radio show, Jordan and the show’s Host unkindly dismissed one of the callers who raised concerns in support of the protesters and against the selection of Fernandes. How can a person like Jordan even entertain the prospect of returning to a campus he is no longer welcome at? I’ll be damned if either Jordan or Fernandes return to Gallaudet in any capacity whatsoever, after all the damage they have done to the community, lying to the press and creating deep divisions in the troops. They have been issued the ultimate PERSONA NON GRATA of all: an overwhelming vote of NO CONFIDENCE by the faculty.

There is NO LOVE left for you, Jordan. You continue to be divisive and continue to lie to the press and the public. Just clear your desk and go. Ken @ bibliomarket

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Maybe Gallaudet Need More Coalitions

by “Poppi”

I am pretty dumb and immensely retarded. I only try to sometimes play at thinking like humans do. So let’s see how hard I can try 😎 

1. I’ve got no principled problem with the forming of any formation. All I do is ask dumb questions in an attempt to be educated.
2. I, for one haven’t cursed anyone who cursed an organization they first kissed
3. The Faculty Senate negotiates for just faculty. And sometimes, maybe non-tenured fac may not have a real voice in the forum
4. The SBG speaks/signs for ALL undergraduate students.
5. The GSA speaks/signs for ALL graduate students
6. The GUAA says it speaks/signs for ALL Gallaudet alumni
7. the CoSOC does not–at least that is what my dumb head understands–speaks/signs for all students. It has created a segregated body (of course right is theirs) re-actively. None but Poppi is super dumb enough to not know why they have created this organization. The attempt is to counter-balance the SBG and GSA.
8. There even used to be an African Student Union. It died like some folks starve to death in some places on mother planet, because the union was too disunionized and did not represent the whole.
9. It is really OK fr folks to fabricate whatever their wild dreams allow them to engineer. But care should probably be taken, so that what we ask does not tun out to be a Midas power.

Bottom line, this is America, the melted pot. So, let there be millions of pots. Let there be:

1. A Coalition of short Employees (CoSE)
2. A Coalition of Tall Employees (CoTE)
3. A Coalition of Short Faculty (CoSFAC)
4. A Coalition of Tall Faculty (CoTFAC)
5. A Coalition of Deaf Employees (CoDE)
6. A Coalition of deaf Employees (CodE)
7. A Coalition of Slender Women (CoSW)
8. A Coalition of Fat Employees (CoFATE)
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Violence Against Deaf Women on Campus

This article was sent to me in response to the People Magazine article I posted here a few days ago. Thanks to Julie Rems-Smario, Executive Director, DeafHope www.Deaf-Hope.org

Julie will soon be sending me a video presentation on this topic, created with Wayne Betts, Jr, which I will post here at bibliomarket when it’s completed.

(excerpts from Julie Rems-Smario June 2005 lunch note presentation at California Alliance Against Sexual Assault conference in Louisville, Kentucky)

During Fall of 2000, two young male students were brutally murdered in the dorm rooms at Gallaudet University, the nation’s only university for the deaf located in Washington, D.C. The third and fourth violent deaths in the university’s 136 -year history led to increased security and limited dorm access. This tragic campus incident made parents, faculty, and students more vocal about student safety. Even with crime rates relatively low, Gallaudet University had become diligent about keeping campus safe from violence by investing thousands of dollars in technology and security.

In November 2001, Gallaudet University President was quoted during his interview with Inside Gallaudet, “I cannot emphasize enough that Gallaudet has an exceptionally safe campus. As I said in my presentation, the murders last year were an aberration, tragic events that are very far from the norm. They did stimulate the University to look closely at security and safety on campus in general, and to institute some measures that will help us remain safe. I have asked Mr. Fred Kendrick to send an e-mail to the campus that summarizes the key elements of the safety and security plan developed for review by the CMT, as well as plans for how new security measures are being assessed and plans for the future.” Continue reading “Violence Against Deaf Women on Campus”