ACTA Shoves It’s Face In!

Earlier this week, I wrote twice on the ACTA [an outside organization with no connection to the Deaf] sticking it’s nose in Gallaudet business. Now that their advice to the BoT was dismissed, they have decided that sticking their nose in our business is not enough. This time they are shoving their FACE in the BoT’s faces and insulting the protesters and their supporters, as well! See press release below for what they have to about the protesters and the BoT. Check Neal’s Bio, too, as it shows that this lame has-been last did anything of any significance back in the mid-80s, TWENTY years ago. Give it up already, Ms. Neal, your glory days are long OVER. Stick to gardening, Ms. Neal – that’s all you’ve been able to accomplish in these past twenty years!


WASHINGTON, DC (October 30, 2006)—On Sunday, in the face of unlawful protests, the Gallaudet University Board of Trustees rescinded its appointment of Jane K. Fernandes as president. This mirrored the situation in 1988, when protests convinced the board to abandon its appointment of Elisabeth Zinser.In response, Anne D. Neal, [bio] president of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, issued the following statement:

“The Gallaudet board undertook an inclusive search and selected the candidate it believed most capable of leading the institution forward. But rather than communicating its vision for the university and standing behind its selection, it then allowed itself—in the intervening months—to be whipsawed by various constituencies with a variety of agendas. Ultimately, the board allowed the institution to be governed by the heckler’s veto.

“Gallaudet’s governance has now proven dysfunctional not once—but twice. It’s imperative that the board take time to learn from this pathetic episode, and reestablish credibility in and outside the institution—most particularly with Congress, which appropriates 70 percent of Gallaudet’s budget. The board needs to remember that it is in charge, not the loudest students or faculty.

“Gallaudet is in need of a strong leader, but few would willingly subject themselves to a process where the board cuts and runs. By surrendering—yet again—their legal and fiduciary obligation to select the university president, the Gallaudet trustees have done their institution a tremendous disservice.

“Higher education is currently faced with substantial challenges generally—and Gallaudet is no exception. Going forward, the Gallaudet board must cast a wide net to identify innovative leaders who are not afraid to question the status quo. It must not confuse the value of shared governance—input of faculty, and sometimes students, on issues affecting academic life—with its own ultimate authority and accountability.”

The American Council of Trustees and Alumni is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, national organization dedicated to academic freedom, academic quality, and accountability. ACTA has a network of trustees and alumni around the country and has issued numerous reports on higher education, including How Many Ward Churchills?, Intellectual Diversity: Time for Action, The Hollow Core, and Losing America’s Memory: Historical Illiteracy in the 21st Century.


5 thoughts on “ACTA Shoves It’s Face In!

  1. Yes Joey I would say they have no backbone. They gave into a mob of ungrateful, hateful, miserable people as you. This board is the epitimy of disgraceful.
    But guess what you get to deal with them during the next pres. search and you better hope they stay after all they are your puppets now!


  2. I actually agree with this statement from the ACTA. The BoT put JKF out on the line and let her hang out to dry. The board has in all acuality terminated themselves as being effective to make any decision for Gallaudet, They stood by her for six months as she stood by them. It is the Board of Trustees at Gallaudet that gave up on Gallaudets future not JKF. The BoT quit and are in hiding while JKF was abandoned by them. They have absolutely no spine what so ever.
    The only board they should be on is a CHECKER BOARD.
    They should all resign so they can be replaced with people who have somewhat of a backbone to stick with one plane to unite All Deaf People.


  3. p.s. do you think this is really a good idea – to say that an American organization is “shoving its face” in our business? I think we need to view this as an OPPORTUNITY to explain our views. Set up a meeting with ACTA, a BOT member, president of GUAA, president of SBG, invite them to the campus, tell them about Carl Dupree and the cover-up instead of taking action…. people can really change minds.


  4. Since this is an alumni association, I suggest the person in charge of GUAA (is that right?) contact the ACTA with a letter explaining their views. It sounds like they believe this is just a bunch of students. Once they realize how many are involved, it might change.


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