It’s Only Half Over! -Arthur Luhn

By Arthur Luhn

As sweet as the taste of
victory is- the work is not over.

In battle, after a decisive victory:

poor generals are relieved and have their troops stand
down and deploy to the rear.

the average generals are optimistic and rest their
troops then decide what to do.

the brilliant generals go on the OFFENSIVE!

This is a tsunami wave of empowerment that is now
rushing through the deaf community, and I urge all of
us to jump on it, to sustain it, while everything is
in a state of flux- this is our opportunity to stamp
out policy with our mold, on our terms, and with our

As some of you point out, IKJ may have raised
endowment to unheard of levels, but he has also been
party to festering inner audism, racism, and
oppression. Now, one must understand that those
elements have been entrenched for 18 years at
Gallaudet. The same corrupt system that brought JKF to
the doorstep of the presidency isn’t simply going to
disappear with the new president. The attitudes and
the type of personality, authority, and policy that
produced this crisis are still going to be there!

The formation of FSSA is was a great idea, and it
served as a powerful ally during this protest. It now
needs to become something legitimate, and with central
leadership. It needs to be officially recognized at
Gallaudet and have a voice. I suggest that it become
FSSFGA with the FG standing for “Friends of Gallaudet”
and there be an annual membership fee and perhaps a
monthly newsletter and that it be a watchdog
organization. Other organizations such as NAD and NDBA
have got to monitor Gallaudet in the next few
extremely valuable months where policy has yet to be
dictated. They also must continue to have a critical
voice and forum that influences Gallaudet, to promote
and improve the right of the Deaf person.

Just because an “evil” JKF was rejected doesn’t mean
the incoming president will be an angel either. SBG
and FSSSFGA and other organizations have got to jump
right on board and invest a serious interest and
involvement on how the new president charters his/her
policy and be sure they have a powerful voice and
influence on the new president.

Last and but not least, let this great wave of
empowerment sweep over this nation, and the globe. Use
this as incentive to eradicate audism wherever you
are, use this as inspiration to challenged oppression,
use this as a tool to inform and to condemn
discrimination. As Martin Luther King said, we shall
not stop until freedom rings from every hill!


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