Uzi Buzgalo DEAF PEOPLE NOW Art Auction for FSSA

Uzi Buzgalo, a respected deaf Israeli artist now residing in Colorado with his wife Anne Marie Baer, has just completed his DEAF PEOPLE NOW art piece which will be auctioned to support the FSSA efforts to Unify Gallaudet. The piece will also be made available in posters, greeting cards, and possibly other items so everyone can own a tangible part of this historical protest movement, which on this day is hopefully being resolved in a positive manner by the Gallaudet Board of Trustees. The piece measures 33″ x 45″ and is entirely handmade, including the unique frame and background mat. [click to see full image.]
My impressions upon seeing a preview of this artwork yesterday was that the broken brickwork background clearly represents the Gallaudet administration that has repeatedly attempted to cover up and patch with various cheap tools and clever mechanisms … the flawed process of Jane Fernandes’ appointment to President and the blood that has been shed from our hearts as we watch the BOT, IKJ, JKF, DPS, PPD, Coogan, Kelly and the media repeatedly batter the protesters verbally, mentally, spiritually and physically. The Gold Frame and the unremarkable blue frame behind it represents Fernandes’ shiny, glittering resume which hides a mediocre record of performance, and the failed attempt by the Gallaudet Administration to maintain a ‘facade’ of normalcy to outsiders and Congress. But the centerpiece of this wonderful work is the Unity of Tent City, that global campground of students, alumni, Gallaudet faculty & staff, parents, friends, reporters, leaders, and writers, who remain steadfastly Unyielding, Unbroken, Undeterred. We Shall Overcome!

copyright @ 2006, Kenenth G. Samson


2 thoughts on “Uzi Buzgalo DEAF PEOPLE NOW Art Auction for FSSA

  1. Dang! I’d love to have that piece! I love some of Uzi’s works, anything to do with hands, in a whimsical yet powerful way.


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