BRAVEHEARTS! Open Letter for Gallaudet students

In the spirit of DEAFHOOD and Unity, this message comes to you, our student heroes who are fighting for ALL of Gallaudet, far and wide. It comes in the form of written ASL from DeafThroat, who shall at the present time, remain nameless.

-ken @ bibliomarket

Open Letter for Gallaudet students:

Deaf Throat impress that big, real bigger, very biggest time by students current at Gallaudet. Faculty scared. Staff scared and hide. Intimidated and frustrated by administration and Board of
Trustee. But student lead us out from climate of fear. Student are our very realest brave people.

Thank you all student. You bravest people in all around world. We not here today without you if not for your brave lead. Without your tent city, we not have 72 and counting worldwide. Without your
brave, we still living in fear of the new guidelines. Without powerful lightning ASL and fog horn blast speak out, we still silenced.

You brave for went ahead and set up Tent City in spite of natural piss, shit and deaf things mixed name is earth juice. You all brave and not cancel and tear down Tent City at the strike of midnight, in spite of new guidelines. You even real braver and move Tent City to the mall area. You still brave and continue to go to the Board anywhere the Board goand try private talk and tell them what you
think, whether it in Kellogg, Washburn, SAC or under purple squirrel nest.

Board still not listen. So you brave and take over HMB! World is watching. Many people still in fear. Many people still not help. Media denied access to campus. you stuck for denied access to interpreters by Pinocchio Jordan. DPS use very much physical force against you while their salary made from your tuition money. But you didn’t give up!

You went and shut down the campus for 3 sun up and downs. You send powerful like earthquake message to world. Gallaudet students not quit and Gallaudet students not give up.

Then you were arrested that cause the tide turned. You finally proved to the world what everyone at Gallaudet know King can do anything but not hear to you. Jane like his stupid idea act act like say can do anything but not hear to you.. The Board act like real that too bad for you and follow Pinochinno Jordan by not hear to you. They rule with an iron fist and bang, bang, bang for make fear you. They feel can act for rule with fear. They like for rule with lies too.

By sacrificing yourself to arrest you brought the world to your side. Money came flowing in. People came flowing in. Hearts came flowing in. Most important of all, letters came flowing in. Letters of
support from all over the world! Letters of support for you, the students of Gallaudet University! World love you students for brave and fight, fight, fight until the end by meet demands.

You continued against all odds to keep the fight in the spotlight. You kept the gates shut at MSSD and Brentwood and front gate 24/7, despite cold, despite rain, despite wind, despite brutal rent a cops, DC cops, DPS cops, bully PPD and Paul Kelly.

You kept the battle in the spotlight by taking over College Hall, by doing sit-ins in different offices, by encouraging faculty and staff and alumni and parents to be involved and support the cause. By
using non-violence. NON-VIOLENCE. Despite the lies of Pinocchio Jordan, you used NON-VIOLENCE. We finish lower eyelid pull down for see student use peace and non-violence action while protest-haters use violence for try scare and hurt peaceful students protest. Pinochinno Jordan, stop talk lies, stop say me not lie, not lies, not lies, you finish for talk lies, that enough, stop that, finish, finish, finish now!

We would not be where we are if students no action for protest. You very biggest hero in Gallaudet history book and Deaf Throat book. Faculty owe you big time! Staff come out from hide and owe
you big time! Future Gallaudet student owe you big time! Pat yourself on the back. Pat your fellow student on the back. We are at this point because of you.

All of you will go long way in your live. You are world hero. You are brave. You are smart. You have guts. You have leadership. You have charisma. You have thank and admiration from the
world forever and millions people alway say thank you and hug and wave hands ILY to you when you change to old in future.

Deaf Throat suggest students for act like BRAVEHEARTS by paint half yellow on face and paint half blue on other side on face that can show world and media that you all real bravehearts for Gallaudet University. From the bottom of Deaf Throat heart to the center of all your heart, Deaf Throat wave hands ILY to you and tears go to your heart for stay brave and fight, fight, fight until
demands met!

Deaf Throat


One thought on “BRAVEHEARTS! Open Letter for Gallaudet students

  1. agreed with your sentiments,

    but so far, only half of one demand met. JK out. Now need to focus on how to reopen search process, what to do about reprisals, and how to expose the corruption within the current administration and overhaul how this place is run.

    celebrate, but keep fighting!


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