Stephen Colbert announces his support for the FSSA!

Stephen Colbert announces his support for the FSSA! He was heard remarking ‘YOU’RE ON NOTICE!’ to the Gallaudet Board of Trustees, I. King Jordan, Jane Fernandes, Paul Kelly, Mercy Coogan, the Department of Public Safety [DPS], the infamous Gallaudet PR Spin Machine, and those News Reporters who are getting it WRONG!


copyright @ Kenneth G. Samson, Bibliomarket


19 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert announces his support for the FSSA!

  1. hahaha- thanks for the laugh! I first saw this last night and I had to come back today to read other people’s reactions. I have to admit- I wanted to fall for the bait, but the “satire” part on your webpage stopped me.

    thanks for the laugh!!


  2. tentative skeptic:
    YES, this photo is a fake. [albeit a pretty damn good one!]

    If you look at my tagline under bibliomarket at the top of each page, you’ll see it says:

    “Books, Politics, SATIRE, Rants, & Dialogue”

    All work and no play makes bibliomarket a downright dour dude. and when i get dour, no one, not even my dogs, want to be around me. I prefer to mix it up with a hit of SATIRE now and then. This one fooled a LOT of people. Comic relief has it’s place in society – the proliferation of political comedians, late-night talk shows, and hundreds of titles of political humor on the shelves at Barnes & Noble attest to this.

    I’d love to see the protesters take the message to the streets around Kendall Green today. Hold up signs for IKJ and JKF and the BOT to see:



  3. tentative skeptic – you weren’t sure, and so were we…yet, you called us stupid americans?

    Of course I knew that show is based on comedy and people here in general did, but they wanted to know if HE actually made that joke or not?

    Oh well – it was pretty damn funny. 😀

    Good going, Kenneth!


  4. Comic relief or not, a lot of people believed it, and that might be hurtful if they use this as “fact” out there and spread more misinformation


  5. Honestly, people need to take things with a grain of salt, this is why we have stupid people in America


  6. I need to see the resource for this! I’ve looked over the net.. I cant find it, a video please? I’m skeptical until i see a video, this could be a well photoshopped picture


  7. Oh damn it – I LOVE Jon Stewart!! Er, Stephen too. 🙂

    Please tell me this is real!!!

    I can’t believe I missed that show!!!

    If this is fake… first, I’ll wring your neck, but then I’ll forgive you. 😀


  8. NO WAY!!! ARE YOU KIDDING??? CAN YOU SHOW ME A VIDEO? I prefer a proof of him saying I am supporting the FSSA. Come on!!


  9. I hope ii is for real! What great news! I wonder if I can use his words ‘YOU’RE ON NOTICE!’ as a protest poster board wording wihtout being in trouble.


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