Four New Video Shorts – Dupree Legacy, Brian’s Toe, and two About Gallaudet Administration

The Legacy of Carl Dupree
Dr. Sue Mather stands with Carl Dupree’s son and becomes very emotional. She talks about Gallaudet’s failure to support Dupree’s family and how more than 10 years later, DPS still cannot sign. (13.7 MB, 4 min 9 sec)

Brian Morrison’s Toe
This clip is not for the easily sickened. Brian Morrison explains in vivid ASL about how his toe was injured, and shows us the severed toenail, as well as his IV scar. (8.29 MB, 2 min 30 sec)

They Think We Lie
Delia L. Martinez tells about the FSSA’s meeting with Kelly, Kelleher (JKF) and King. She explains that they do not believe that students were hurt in the bulldozing incident, and will not take responsibility for their actions. (17.8 MB, 5 min 23 sec)

Inside Jordan’s Office
A student talks about the irony of a model showing DPN with IKJ at the helm, and suggests an idea for a new model. This clip also shows the sit-in inside his office, and IKJ walking through students, ignoring them completely. The walk-through is shown twice for emphasis. (3.99 MB, 1 min 12 sec)

Thanks to BuckNakedBison for providing these videos.


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