Letter from Dr. Robert E. Johnson – MUST READ!

PLEASE READ THIS LETTER From Dr. Robert E. Johnson [.pdf 17 pages]

[instructions: click on link above, then click on the link on the following page to download the file to your desk top. if you attempt to read the file in your web browser, you will only see the first page, and miss the other 16 pages.]

[outline of letter contained in this .pdf file] 284k file size

Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Linguistics
October 25, 2006
I have been advised by several colleagues to provide this roadmap to the following open
letter. I invite you to forward it to other interested parties who may not be on my list.

• Complex Truths and Simple Lies. I argue that the image of the protest and of Gallaudet is being constructed through a pattern of simple lies put forth by the PR Office.
• A Crisis of Leadership. I argue that the crisis results from a refusal by the Board, the President and the President Elect to take a role of leadership.
• The Board of Trustees. I argue that the Board has neglected its fiduciary responsibility and that it has been disinformed, misinformed, and managed by Dr. Jordan’s administration.
• Dr. Jordan. I address examples of the ways in which Dr. Jordan has refused to take a leadership role and the ways in which he has constructed the protest as the violent acts of a rowdy minority. This includes the following topics, in which I identify the ways in which information is being manipulated to spin the administration as victims:
o Identity Politics. I address the ways in which the issues surrounding the crisis have been trivialized by the PR office and the press.
o DPN and Dr. Jordan. I address Dr. Jordan’s claim that the 1988 DPN protest has nothing to do with the current protest.
o DPN and Unity for Gallaudet. I draw parallels between the two movements, concluding that they are similarly motivated.
o Scheduled Maintenance. I address the administration’s act of spreading manure around the students’ tents in Tent City.
o The War of Words. I address the manipulation of words to make the administration appear to be noble victims and the protestors to be hooligans.
o Keeping Classes Running and Access Open. I address the fact that Dr. Jordan and Dr. Fernandes continue to portray the campus as being held hostage when classes and most normal business has resumed.
o Students as Victims of the Faculty. I address the notion that the faculty is inciting the student protestors.
o The Use of Fear. I address the ways in which the administration is using fear of loss of revenue and fear of loss of Gallaudet in their attempts to quiet the disagreement.
o The Status Quo. I address the ways in which the PR office construes the acts of the administration as non-political and the acts of the protestors as political.
o I argue that all these things accumulate to illustrate a failure of Dr. Jordan to lead the University out of this crisis.
• Dr. Fernandes. I address the idea that Dr. Fernandes is a scholar, a successful administrator and a leader, finding fault with each notion. I argue that if she were a leader she would already have been leading.
• I conclude with a call to the administration to stop spinning images and to begin to lead us out of the crisis.


7 thoughts on “Letter from Dr. Robert E. Johnson – MUST READ!

  1. Thanks Ken. I overlooked the link, maybe make it red or orange. I love your web color and design, I would use mild orange for download links.

    About Richard, are you kidding? We’d love to know the fact to completely discredit him! Truthfully when I somehow found a photo of him, it does not surprise me.

    Warm pat on your arm for your excellency! Anne Marie


  2. Dear All,
    I love Bob Johnson! He was my ASL Linguistics professor, and he’s the best ever happened to his mentor, William C. Stokoe.
    Listen here, every time I read Richard Roehm, I must admit to have laughed him off. He’s simply one frustrated pervert.
    Aloha, Carl


  3. Richard Roehm – your comments all over the many deaf blogs ad infinitum about the ‘old guard’ are getting so, so old. can’t you come up with anything new to say? I know it keeps you distracted and away from the children you’ve been convicted of molesting in the past to be sitting in your chair 24 hours a day, posting comments everywhere, but really, man, you’ve become a boring old saw. take up a new hobby or something. crocheting sounds about right for a crotchety old man with a quasi-brain. good day.


  4. anne marie – the .pdf file is complete, i just double checked it and downlaoded it from my site to be sure. if you attempt to view the letter in your web browser directly, then you will only get the first page, which is the same page as the outline i published with this post. you have to download it to YOUR desktop to get the entire 17 page letter. -ken


  5. Roehm: I do not agree with you as I see you as an angry person out on a mission to destroy the “strong-Deaf.” We need a balance in other words a full continuum of different kinds of deaf/hoh people on Earth. They exist for a reason. just chill!


  6. There are many facts about the deaf communities that get buried in all the strong-arming, breast-beating, and the calls for a war against audism by the old deaf guards you see going on at Gallaudet University.

    Richard Roehm


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