The Protest that Galvanized the Deaf Community

A comment left on’s website in response to today’s Searching for Answers at Gallaudet article reaffirms what I have been witnessing myself on the ground at Gallaudet and in blogs across the Internet. This protest, in a few short weeks, has done more to galvanize the WHOLE deaf community than anything the Gallaudet administration has done in Jane’s six years as a Provost overseeing the University.

Based on what I saw of her during the last crisis she had to deal with as a provost, I do not think Fernandes is the person the university community needs to lead us out of the current time of crisis and into a time of healing. So far, she has shown herself to be more of a divider than a unifier on campus. Indeed, from what I have seen of the protesters, they have done far better at crossing the bridges between races, genders, position (student/staff/faculty/alumni), and, YES, even hearing status and cultural identity (protesters and sympathizers are Deaf, deaf, hard of hearing, “hearing impaired”, deaf-blind, hearing, grew up oral, grew up with ASL, grew up with something in between, have cochlear implants or don’t). The protesters have done in the past few months what Fernandes never succeeded in doing during her six years as provost. -andrea


2 thoughts on “The Protest that Galvanized the Deaf Community

  1. funny how you’ve turned a postitive word into a dirty word, at least in your own mind.

    Galvanized: To arouse to awareness or action.

    now let’s examine your choice of words:

    –noun : the feeling of intense dislike or extreme aversion or hostility.

    Yes, that pretty much sums up the feelings of both sides. That’s to be expected on this emtional roller coaster ride we are strapped into at present.

    –noun: to move, rush, dash, or surge furiously.

    absolutely. That was, in fact, the word that popped into my mind yesterday when I learned that Paul Kelly, face distorted in angry outburst, was out at Mt. Bison yelling at the MPD to arrest the peaceful protesters.

    –noun: an unjust or unwarranted exertion of force or power, as against rights or laws

    Sir, you have hit the nail squarely on the head! This perfectly desribes the actions of PPD and DPS yesterday against peacefully SLEEPING children at Mt. Bison on orders from I. King Jordan, who has verbally taken responsibility for these actions, but has not taken it upon himself to issue any form of apology. Violence, indeed!

    To present false information with the intention of deceiving.

    Yes, that is exactly the modus operandi of IKJ & JKF to counter the protester’s message with false statements to the media. Stuff like playing the ‘deaf card’, calling them a vicious mob, claiming to have been threatened with a gun, calling them terrorists, and so forth, when all along, the protesters have been and continue, despite scores of acts and statements of provocation by the powers that be [and ‘would-be’], to be PEACEFUL.

    –adjective : spiteful; malicious: vicious gossip; a vicious attack.

    yes, that does sound like pepper spray in the eyes of deaf children, bulldozers running down encampments without warning, calling peaceful protesters terrorists, mobs, and other colorful terms.

    -adjective : refusing to agree or compromise; uncompromising; inflexible.

    Yes, that does sound exactly right. the protesters, all of them, from students, alumni, faculty, and outsiders, ARE exhibiting intransigence towards the BOT, IKJ & JKF, and rightly so. I applaud them.

    I found it interesting to note, but not at all surprising given the many ways that IKJ and JKF have attempted to ‘shut up’ the protesters, that the IP address on which you submitted this comment comes from:

    OrgName: Gallaudet University
    Address: Information Technology Services
    Address: 800 Florida Avenue, NE


  2. The title of this article is curious and disturbing. What troubles me the most is the sense of pride that is being taken in hatred, rage, violence, lies, viciousness and intransigence as unifying forces.

    The truth of the matter is that this is a well organized temper tantrum. A small group that did not get their way has been able to translate their personal bile into what we are observing today.

    The reason the university has been hamstrung is not because of Jane Fernandes, it is because of the protesters want their way and their way only. She did not ask anyone to block gates, intimidate children, stop eating and any of the other myriad problems brought on by the proteaters themsleves. They seem to think thay are above law and reason. NO demand they make woud deserves to be taken seriousy for it is born of the basest of motives.

    What is most perturbing are the adults who are the masterminds behind this protest and what they are teaching/have taught the students. When you don’t get your way use every conceivable immoral means ubtil you get what you want. That is a very fine lesson and belief to go out into the world holding.

    Galvanized? In this manner? We should be ashamed in the most abject way.


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