Free Antiquarian Books: Dr. Thomas H. Gallaudet & Amos Kendall

I came across two free antiquarian .pdf books today at about Rev. Thomas H. Gallaudet and Amos Kendall. Simply click on the links to download your own copies for reading on your computer.

Tribute to Gallaudet A Discourse in Commemoration of the Life, Character and Services, of the Rev. Thomas H. Gallaudet, LL.D.–Delivered Before the Citizens of Hartford, Jan. 7th, 1852. With an Appendix, Containing History of Deaf-Mute Instruction and Institutions, and other Documents. By Henry Barnard, 1852.

Autobiography of Amos Kendall Edited by his son-in-law, William Stickney, 1872, 700 pages. See interesting historical artwork on Adobe pdf pages 454 (Kendall Green), 681 (Calvary Baptist Church), 721 (Amos Kendall), and 722 (Residence of Amos Kendall).

After some research I also came across a series of other free books related to deaf history, and will be posting links to these at a later date.


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