AUDISM – a five-minute video clip from an upcoming PBS Documentary

Browsing the web tonight, I came across this five-minute AUDISM clip which will be a part of the upcoming PBS Documentary “History Through Deaf Eyes” project. I think it’s really good, and if it is indicative at all of the quality of the documentary as a whole, we are in for a treat when it is released! The team that is putting together this documentary has already done quite a few well-received films, including these:

Lawrence R. Hott and Diane Garey documentaries


9 thoughts on “AUDISM – a five-minute video clip from an upcoming PBS Documentary

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  2. Hi, Rene – thanks for dropping by to comment. By my stats, over 1000 stopped by this page about your AUDISM clip yesterday. I don’t know how many of them went on to watch the clip itself, but i’m guessing it was a pretty good number. [do you have those stats?] Do let us know when the captions are done, it is a very good message for hearing people!
    -ken @ bibliomarket


  3. I agree about the captions!!
    Having a non-captioned clip shows that the clip isn’t accessible – to some hearing people. Not all hearing people who have deaf kids, siblings, etc sign fluently…


  4. That was a great clip, I enjoyed it – thanks for sharing the link. I had no idea PBS was going to have a two-hour show about Deaf history, that’s great! I can’t wait to see it. I assume they will add captions or voice over for hearing viewers for the Audism segment.


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