The Struggle Begins

by Vladimir Petrovic

My impression of the recent revocation of Jane Fernandes’s contract is that it is a step well-taken, and a decision well-made. Maybe the IrvingBoTs gave the wrong reasons for their decision, but let’s be grateful that the decision was made when it was made, not after an already untenable situation had deteriorated beyond human redemption.

Even though the IrvingBoTs eventually made the right decision, it was made grudgingly and with a measure of mean-spiritedness coming out in the words of its statement announcing the decision. The second statement concerning “reprisals” was therefore not a surprise.

I speculate that the second statement was a sop to assuage the angst of hardliners in the IrvingBots who experienced misplaced emotional and psychological responses to recent events: Continue reading “The Struggle Begins”

ASL Version of Dr. Johnson’s Now Famous Letter

As I have been blogging the events of the protest and the end of Dr. Fernandes’ reign as president-designate, I’ve noticed that the post with the full text of Dr. Johnson’s now famous 17 page letter has been rating among the top page views day after day after day since it was released. But I’ve often wondered ‘what about those people who would like to ‘read’ an ASL version of this letter?’ Your wish has been answered, here it is! Thanks to for hosting, and to Edna for her wonderful translation of this important letter.

ACTA Shoves It’s Face In!

Earlier this week, I wrote twice on the ACTA [an outside organization with no connection to the Deaf] sticking it’s nose in Gallaudet business. Now that their advice to the BoT was dismissed, they have decided that sticking their nose in our business is not enough. This time they are shoving their FACE in the BoT’s faces and insulting the protesters and their supporters, as well! See press release below for what they have to about the protesters and the BoT. Check Neal’s Bio, too, as it shows that this lame has-been last did anything of any significance back in the mid-80s, TWENTY years ago. Give it up already, Ms. Neal, your glory days are long OVER. Stick to gardening, Ms. Neal – that’s all you’ve been able to accomplish in these past twenty years! Continue reading “ACTA Shoves It’s Face In!”